Bracelet made of PRECIOSA Hill™, PRECIOSA Pellet™ and PRECIOSA Solo™ beads

Try this tutorial and make an impressive bracelet, in which the new PRECIOSA Hill™ bead takes the lead role and is successfully supported by the PRECIOSA Pellet™ and PRECIOSA Solo™ pressed beads. 

The precise cut and brilliant shine of the fire polished beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand no longer surprise anybody. The new cut and fire polished PRECIOSA Hill™beads have the original shape of a halved ball, but for all that they are complete. They are a success. We do not call them "halves", as they have already begun to blaze a trail towards various uses in costume jewelry. They are not afraid to join forces with the other beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™brand as their shapes are mutually compatible.

Designer: Michal Papež

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Material and tools:

151 01 375; 8 mm; 03000/29123; 57x

trinity PRECIOSA Hill 03000 29123

PRECIOSA Fire Polished Beads (FPB)
151 19 001; 4 mm; 23980/27400; 12x

trinity ohnovky 23980 27400

117 01 332; 2.5 x 5 mm; 23980/27400; 19x

trinity solo 23980 27400

PRECIOSA Pellet™ (P)
111 01 339; 4 x 6 mm; 23980/27400; 20x

trinity pellet 23980 27400

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R10)
331 19 001; 10/0; 20701; 3x

trinity rokajl R10

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R8)
331 19 001; 8/0; 20701; 4x

trinity rokajl R8

a 0.25 mm nylon line; a metal T-bar fastening; 6 mm and 4 mm rings; a thin needle; scissors; flat nose pliers (for flattening the beginning of the line before stringing)

trinity pomucky

The procedure:

Step 1:
First, create the initial part of the fastening. String 3x FPB, 1x P and 3x FPB onto approximately 2 m of line (fig. no. 1a). Sew the strung beads into a circle and then sew through them once again and tie off the line. Hide the knot in the hole of one of the beads. The nylon line which will be used for the further stringing must pass through the hole of the P (fig. no. 1b).

fig. no. 1a

trinity 1a

fig. no. 1b

trinity 1b

Step 2:
String the H on the line from their flat side in the following combination: 1x H, 1x S, 1x H, 1x P and 1x H. Thread the line through the first P, which is part of the fastening, and thread it two more times through the strung row of beads. Pull the end of the line into the P and tighten well (fig. no. 2).

trinity 2

Step 3:
String the beads onto the line in the same combination as in Step 2, but string the H from their rounded side. Thread the line through the second P, which is part of the first circle and further thread the line through the strung row of beads twice. Pull the end of the line through the P and tighten well (fig. no. 3).

trinity 3

Step 4:
String the H from the flat side using the procedure from Step 2. Then repeat the procedure from Step 3 and string the H from their rounded side. Repeat the entire procedure at total of 19 times (fig. no. 4a + 4b).

fig. no. 4a

trinity 4

fig. no. 4b

trinity 4a

Step 5:
Create the second part of the simple fastening. String 4x FPB and thread the line back through the third strung FPB. String the 5th and 6th FPB and thread the line back through the fifth bead and tighten well. Sew through the fastening one more time and secure the line with small knots between the beads and cut it off (fig. no. 5a + 5b).

fig. no. 5a

trinity 6

fig. no. 5b

trinity 5c

trinity 9trinity 8

The variant of the T-fastening with R10.

Step 5
Create the second part of the simple fastening, string 2x FPB, 1x R10 and 2x FPB. Thread the line back through the penultimate strung FPB. String 1x R10 and 2x FPB. Once again, sew through the penultimate strung bead. Sew through the top part of the fastening one more time. After sewing through, string 1x R10. Thread the line through both FPB in the direction towards the H. Thread the line through the P. Sew it in between the H, P and S. Secure it with knots and cut it off.

trinity detail 1jpgtrinity detail 3

The variant with a metal fastening

Leave out Step 1 altogether. In Step 2, string 2x R8 instead of the P. As such, string 1x H, 1x S, 1x H, 2x R8 and 1x H. Repeat the stringing of the in the next circles. Once again string 2x R8 in the last circle instead of the P. Leave out Step 5 altogether. After completing the sewn row on one side using 6 mm rings strung behind the R8, attach the circle. Attach 2x 4 mm rings to the "T". Use the 6 mm ring to connect it to the sewn row.

trinity kov bez zapinani detail 1trinity kov detail koleckotrinity kov detail kolecko 1trinity kov cely

trinity 11