Necklace made using PRECIOSA Thorn™ beads

Refined pastel mother-of-pearl and silky matt colors enhance the shapes of the beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads and PRECIOSA Thorn™ is no exception.  

The slender shape of the PRECIOSA Thorn™ pressed beads makes it perfect for hanging and creating an elegant curtain necklace. Use the design of the individual elements to create an original necklace and effective earrings. 

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Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA Thorn™ (Th1)
111 01 340; 5/16; 25010 red (60x)

zaves Thorn cervena

PRECIOSA Thorn™ (Th2)
111 01 340; 5/16; 25032 dark purple (30x)

zaves Thorn tmave fialova

PRECIOSA Thorn™ (Th3)
111 01 340; 5/16; 25031 wine (30x)

zaves Thorn vinova

PRECIOSA Thorn™ (Th4)
111 01 340; 5/16; 25036 brown (30x)

zaves Thorn hneda

PRECIOSA Thorn™ (Th5)
111 01 340; 5/16; 29565 wine matt (30x)

zaves Thorn vinova mat

PRECIOSA Thorn™ (Th6)
111 01 340; 5/16; 29567 blue matt (30x)

zaves Thorn modra mat


Metal parts: a fine chain, about 110 cm long (10 links measure 2.7 cm); a bigger chain, about 40 cm long (10 links measure 3.9 cm); an adjusting chain; 5 mm rings (210x); ovals; a carabiner'
Tools: flat nose pliers (for closing the rings); snipping pliers

zaves pomucky material 


Hang the Thorn beads on the fine chain. Create 11 pendants which will then be hung on the bigger chain.

The pendants

The central pendant is the longest, while the pendants get shorter as you move out towards the ends. The Th are most distant from one another at the freely hanging ends of the pendants, but they are more densely placed towards the middle. Hang 1x Th three times in every fourth link, 1x Th four times in every second link and 2x Th four times in every second link, always from both sides of the link. Hang 2x Th in the following seven links, also from both sides of the link. The first pendants on each side of the central pendant are three links shorter in the upper section. Each further pendant towards the edge is two links shorter.

the central pendant                           from the centre (the left, the right)                

zaves stredovy privesek en 

Create the pendants one after the other on the long, uncut chain. Create a color scheme by mixing all the Th. The colors of the Th can be used in any arbitrary order. Open a ring and string a Th on it. Place the ring on the chain link and close it. After creating the pendant cut off the chain about 2 cm above the last Th - this will help you to handle the pendants better.

zaves privesek azaves privesek b


Fold the long pendant in half. Hang the central pendant by the last link with a Th in the central link using an oval. Cut off any excess empty links. Hang the other pendants in every fourth link on the bigger chain in the same way. There are eleven pendants altogether: five pendants on each side of the central one.

zaves zaveseni azaves zaveseni b

Finishing off

Attach the adjusting chain with a hung Th at one end of the bigger chain using an oval and attach the carabiner to the other end in the same way.

zaves zakonceni

You can also create earrings from as many pendants as you want.

zaves nausnice

zaves 2zaves 3

zaves 1