Kumihimo bracelet with PRECIOSA Pip™

Preciosa Ornela presents a new bead in the shape of a small pip from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Bead brand. Get to know the new PRECIOSA Pip™ pressed bead using this tutorial for a braided bracelet created using the Kumihimo technique which is currently very popular.

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The author of the tutorial, the English designer Kerrie Slade, has made use of this popular technique for braiding lines and cords to create an original and impressive presentation of the new PRECIOSA Pip™ pressed bead. The combination of the new Preciosa Ornela bead in the shape of a small pip with the braiding technique known as Kumihimo will enable you to create an enticing bracelet. This tutorial is for a bracelet at a length of 21 cm including the clasp; however, you can adjust the stringing size to what you need.
Designer: Kerrie Slade