Ripple ring necklace

Kroužkový náhrdelník

Necklace made using rings and PRECIOSA Ripple™ pressed beads

Making a luxurious and original piece of jewelry need not only be the work of a master craftsman. We will show you how to achieve this using the new PRECIOSA Ripple™ pressed bead in combination with gold rings.

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Rubber bands and rocailles

Bracelets made with rubber bands and rocailles

Rubber band braclets with PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads

Rubber band bracelets are an entertaining and simple method of creating gracelets. Adding a PRECIOSA rocaille to the rubber bands will enable you to make an interesting fashion accessory.

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Seed bead beetles

PRECIOSA ORNELA offers a tutorial for the creation of seed bead beetles. Thanks to the simple procedure, you can also get your children involved in the creative process. With your help, they can develop their creativity when making new types of coloured beetles.

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Necklace with a bow

A hand-made costume jewellery accessory is always a precious original. PRECIOSA ORNELA provides inspiration for the easy and highly effective use of seemingly dissimilar piles of glass beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand.

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