Decorative Element from PRECIOSA RippleTM and PRECIOSA Forget-Me-Not Pressed Beads

PRECIOSA ORNELA introduces the PRECIOSA Ripple™ and PRECIOSA Forget-me-not pressed bead under its PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Bead™ brand. A round, 12 mm bead with a centrally placed hole, both sides of its surface ripple softly like the wind on a lake’s surface. Its undulating exterior brings metallic – both matt and shiny – to life. Its center hole makes it perfect for stringing or sewing with seed beads, more delicate fire-polished beads, or in this case with another flat double sided bead in the shape of a forget-me-not.

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Materials and Tools


111 01 351; 12 mm;

25E01 (white); 1 pc per flower

okolik Ripple 25E01

25011 (purple); 1 pc per flower

okolik Ripple 25011

25014 (blue); 1 pc per flower

okolik Ripple 25014

25003 (gold); 1 pc per flower

okolik Ripple 25021

PRECIOSA Forget-Me-Not (FMN)

111 01 362; 5 mm;

00030/27000 (silver); 1 pc per flower

okolik pomnenka stribrna

02010/15726 (purple); 1 pc per flower

okolik pomnenka fialova

00030/98554 (silver-blue); 1 pc per flower

okolik pomnenka stribrno modra

00030/98542 (orangey-gold); 1 pc per flower

okolik pomnenka zlato oranzova

PRECIOSA Rocaille (R10)

331 19 001; 10/0;

46102  (white); 2 pc per flower

okolik rokajl 46102

37328 (purple); 2 pc per flower

okolik rokajl 37328

311 19 001; 10/0; 33040 (blue); 2 pc per flower

okolik rokajl 33040

331 29 001; 10/0; 17070 (gold); 2 pc per flower

okolik rokajl 17070

Wire – 0.3 mm, Wire Cutters, Flat-Nosed Pliers, Ruler, Floral Tape - 13 mm



1. Cut off approximately 20 cm of wire and fold it in half. Pick up 1 R10 and place it in the fold. Add a 1 FMN and 1 Rip to both ends and pull them tightly against the R10 in the fold.

okolik kvitek 1

okolik kvitek 2okolik kvitek 3okolik kvitek 4

okolik kvitek 3a
2. Pick up 1 R10 with one side of the wire. Thread the R10 with the other end of the wire, but in the opposite direction. Carefully move the R10 right up against the Rip.

okolik kvitek 5okolik kvitek 6okolik kvitek 6a
3. With the flat-nosed pliers take both ends of the wire while you hold the Rip with your hand. Twist the wires with the pliers several times, affixing the flower in place.

okolik kvitek 7

Flower bouquet

Take several flowers (here we use 10) and put them all together in a ‘bouquet’. Twist all the wire stems together so they hold as a bunch. Cut the ends of the wires together to even the bottom. Use the bunch as a decorative element.

okolik kvitek 8okolik okolik 1okolik okolik 3b


Start winding the floral tape around the wires of the bouquet (you will need approximately 50 cm) near the flowers. After several turns add a safety pin (or brooch clasp) and keep winding the tape around both the pin and the flower stems. Shorten the stems to approx. 9 cm in length and wind the tape around the bottom of the wires. Continue to wind the tape back up to the flowers.

okolik broz 1aokolik broz 1b

okolik 1cokolik 1a

okolik 1b

okolik 1g