Christmas bell

Christmas bell

Christmas decoration made using PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™

Preciosa Ornela presents a simple tutorial on how to make a Christmas decoration, a bell, which you can make from seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand.

The size of the bell depends on the size of the selected bugles and rocailles. If you use this procedure and the recommended size, you will end up with a ca 5 cm bell which can be used as a popular Christmas decoration or a pleasant gift.
We wish you happy Christmas beadworking.

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Materials and tools:

351 22 001; 4" (ca 1 cm); 

97070 Siam with a silver lining

vanocni zvonecek cipky cervena b

78102 crystal with a silver lining; 70x

vanocni zvonecek cipky krystal

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R)
331 19 001; 7/0; 78102 crystal with a silver lining; 52x 

vanocni zvonecek rokajl

Round beads

6 mm; 1x

vanocni zvonecek perle 6 mm b

8 mm; 2x

vanocni zvonecek perle 8 mm b

a soft 0.4 mm stringing wire (1 m); a 6 cm eye pin (1x); snipping pliers; needle nose pliers; flat nose pliers; a silver cord 20 cm

vanocni zvonecek pomucky

The procedure:

Step 1:
Measure out 1 m of the recommended soft wire. Proceed according to the figure no. 1. Alternately string 1x R, 1x B, 1x R, 1x B, 1x R, 1x B, 1x R, 1x B, 1x R, 1x B, 1x R, 1x B, a total of 6x R and 6x B. Leave about 7 cm free at the end of the wire. Thread the wire through the third strung R. String 1x B, 1x R and 1x B. Thread the wire through the first strung R. String 1x B,1x R, 1x B, 1x R and 1x B and thread the wire through the seventh rocaille.

fig. no. 1

vanocni zvonecek obr 1

Step 2:
Continue alternately adding 1x B, 1x R and 1x B or add 1x B, 1x R, 1x B, 1x R and 1x B to the edges of the individual rows and create a mesh   c    (fig. no. 2).

fig. no. 2

vanocni zvonecek obr 2

Step 3:
Connect the seed bead mesh together. Thread the wire through the outer R and add 1x (fig. no. 3).

fig. no. 3

vanocni zvonecek obr 3

Step 4:
Thread the wire through the top outer R and tighten it into a tight circle, cross both ends of the wire over one another, grasp them between your fingers or with the flat nose pliers and join them together; twist them together ca 4x and snip off any excess wire. Hide the ends of the twisted wire inside the bell (fig. no. 4). String an 8 mm round bead, 10x R and a 6 mm round bead onto the eye pin (fig. no. 5), pass the pin through the centre of the bell (fig. no. 6), add an 8 mm round bead and shorten the pin as necessary using the snipping pliers (fig. no. 7). Create a loop with the needle nose pliers, thread the silver cord through it and tie the ends together with a knot (fig. no. 8).

fig. no. 4

vanocni zvonecek obr 4a

fig. no. 5

vanocni zvonecek obr 4b

fig. no. 6

vanocni zvonecek obr 4d

fig. no. 7

vanocni zvonecek obr 4e

fig. no. 8

vanocni zvonecek obr 4f

vanocni zvonecek obr 5vanocni zvonecek 8vanocni zvonecek 5

vanocni zvonecek 2