Bracelet made from PRECIOSA Tee™

The strung PRECIOSA Tee™ beads closely interlock and as such simplify the creation of varied 3-dimensional structures.

PRECIOSA Tee™ is a new bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand. The axially symmetrical, flat "T" shaped bead with dimensions of 2 x 8 mm conforms with the current trend for mini beads and enables the application of an unlimited selection of surface finishes.
Try working with this new Czech bead according to this tutorial by Kateřina Krausová.

Designer: Kateřina Krausová

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Materials and tools:


111 01 364; 2 x 8 mm; 02010/29123 honey (A); 40x

12 toyama

111 01 364; 2 x 8 mm; 02010/14413 ivory (B); 28x

13 toyama

111 01 364; 2 x 8 mm; 02010/15726 purple (C); 14x

14 toyama

00 toyama pomucky

1 m of 0.38 mm nylon copper binding wire; 1x ø 15 mm American fastening; 2x ø 8 mm rings, 0.8 mm thick; 2x ø 6 mm rings, 1 mm thick; 4x ø 5 mm rings
snipping pliers, 2x flat nose, round or needle nose pliers; a soft A4 pad


Do the sewing on top of the soft pad.

The basic stitch:

Step 1
Cut off about 1 m of wire, string 3x T and two 5 mm rings onto it in the following order: 1x T-A, 1x ring, 1x T-B, 1x ring and 1x T-A and move them to the middle of the wire. Hold one end of the wire in your left hand and the other in your right hand. String a fourth T-B bead and cross the wire in it. Straighten the beads according to the illustrative photograph and carefully tighten the wire (fig. no.  1).

fig. no.  1

01 toyama

Step 2
Further string 1x T-A onto the right-hand wire and 1x T-A onto the left-hand wire. String 1x T-B and once again cross the wires in it. Straighten the beads according to the illustrative photograph and carefully tighten the wire (fig. no. 2).

fig. no. 2

02 toyama

Step 3

Repeat this procedure to make the necessary number of stitches (a total of 10) in the same color combination. Make sure that the beads are correctly oriented.
Create a color accent in the central section by changing the color scheme for seven stitches. String the side T-C and the central T-A in the same color. Then return to the former color scheme (10x), fig. no. 3.

fig. no. 3

03 toyama

Step 4
In the last stitch, intersperse the T with two 5 mm rings again and sew up the bracelet so that you return to the previous T-A beads after crossing in the last T-B bead and tie a double knot. Further tighten the wires in the opposite direction of the stringing of the bracelet and cut them off (fig. nos. 4, 5).

fig. no. 4

04 toyama

fig. no. 5

05 toyama

Step 5

Connect the two rings at the end of the bracelet with one larger ring (ø 8 mm), fig. no. 6.

fig. no. 6

06 toyama

Complete the bracelet by assembling an American fastening or any other type of fastening with an intermediate ring (ø 6 mm), fig. no. 7.

fig. no. 7

07 toyama

The overall length of the bracelet will be ca 18 cm.
It is possible to add various types of hypoallergenic or stainless steel chains to the bracelet or to create necklace (fig. nos. 8, 9).

fig. no. 8

08 toyama

fig. no. 9

09 toyama

10 toyama11 toyama15 toyama

16 toyama