Bed of Nails bracelet

Follow this tutorial to create another in the range of original fashion accessories using beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand.

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The “Bed of Nails” is another in the range of original fashion accessories which you can make yourself using the new PRECIOSA Villa™ bead by following this tutorial. This new bead has supplemented the range of fashion and popular costume jewellery accessories and in doing so has unveiled further options in the production technology used for pressed beads. It is suitable for all types of surface finishes. The edges of the pyramids especially stand out in opaque colours or when used with all-over surface finishes.Enchant your friends with this unique piece of jewellery. You can also create it in simplified single-row or double-row variants. Unleash your imagination and try out different colour combinations using the wide range of PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads. PRECIOSA ORNELA wishes you many creative ideas and much inspiration.
Designer: Helena Chmelíková