Difficulty: 1

Crocheted necklace made with PRECIOSA Ripple™

Preciosa Ornela presents a tutorial on how to make a necklace which is crocheted from the beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand.

Its author, Alexandra Lysenko, is able to use almost any bead or seed bead for her crocheted jewelry with ease. This time, she has tried using the crocheting technique with the PRECIOSA Ripple™ bead.

Design: Aleksandra Lysenko

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Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA Ripple™ (Rip)
111 01 351; 12 mm; 00030/98548; 100x

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R6), (R8)
331 19 001; 6/0; 8/0; 59142

a spiral silk cord; crocheting yarn; a 1.25 mm hook; a fastening; a chain; eye pins; connecting rings; a Big Eye needle

Step 1:
Firstly, string all the beads onto the crocheting yarn in the following order using the Big Eye needle: 18x R8 and then 6x R6. Then crochet 2x R6, 1x rear-facing Rip, 2x R6 and 1x front-facing Rip until you have strung all 100 Rip. Complete the stringing in the same way as it started: 6x R6 and the last 18x R8 (fig. nos. 1-3).

fig. no. 1

supiny obr01

fig. no. 2

supiny obr02

fig. no. 3

supiny obr03

Step 2:
Next, you need to crochet a tube with firm wall of 6 beads. Crochet the PRECIOSA Ripple™ one after the other (fig. nos.  4-6) until you have used them all up.

fig. no. 4

supiny obr04

fig. no. 5

supiny obr05

fig. no. 6

supiny obr06

Step 3:
This will result in a tube which is about 18 cm long (fig. no. 7). Cut off two pieces of spiral cord (ca 13 cm) and sew them to the ends of the crocheted tube (fig. no. 8). Sew a band of R8 using the hand-weave technique (fig. no. 9).

fig. no. 7

supiny obr07

fig. no. 8

supiny obr08

fig. no. 9

supiny obr09

Step 4:
The sewn band is used to cover the point of the join (fig. no. 10). Connect an eye pin to the second end of the spiral cord (fig. no. 11). Use the same technique as in the previous step to sew on one band - cap (fig. no. 12). String 6 mm of cut beads on the end of the eye pin and use needle-nose pliers to make eyes to attach the fastening (fig. no. 13).

fig. no. 10

supiny obr10

fig. no. 11

supiny obr11

fig. no. 12

supiny obr12

fig. no. 13

supiny obr13

fig. no. 14

supiny obr14

supiny obr15