Bracelet made of two-row beads

Try sewing a bracelet made of PRECIOSA coin beads according to this tutorial from PRECIOSA ORNELA.

This small bead with dimensions of 6 mm sits excellently in the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads range of beads with several holes and it is perfectly suited to being combined with PRECIOSA rocaille seed beads in the 10/0 size. You can adapt the color combination to your own needs.

Design: Helena Chmelíková

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Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA Pressed Beads - coin (PB)

111 49 005; 6 mm; 23980/90215 bronze;

serpentiny bronz

serpentiny barvy bronz

111 49 005; 6 mm; 00030/01710 gold;

serpentiny zalto

serpentiny barvy zlato

111 49 005; 6 mm; 02010/86805 travertine;

serpentiny travertin

serpentiny barvy travertin

111 49 005; 6 mm; 02010/65401 beige;

serpentiny bezova

serpentiny barvy bezova

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R10)
331 19 001; 10/0; 46113 beige; 4x

serpentiny rokajl 47113x

- gold two-row clasp; ovals
- 0.20 mm nylon line;a thin needle; scissors; flat nose pliers (for flattening the beginning of the line, handling the ovals)

serpentiny pomucky

The procedure:

This PB has two rows. Gradually sew 4 PB together so that "squares" are created. One square connects with the other. Whenever you want to sew another, you have to sew through the empty hole in their common PB. Divide the bracelet lengthwise into bands. The first has bronze points. The band with the basic beige points will then be sewn onto it. Sew around the end of the bracelet. Then reinforce the areas next to the fastening and add the beige points.

serpentiny ctverecek

Step 1:
The band with the bronze points. There are six points. Each point consists of four "squares". The base consists of three "squares". A fourth is sewn above the middle one.

serpentiny krok1

serpentiny obr1

Step 2:
The band with the basic beige points consists of eighteen "squares" from fastening to fastening. Sew the "squares" of the bases of the beige points above them as you sew from right to left; one at the edge next to the fastening and five times in the middle of the bracelet by two "squares".

serpentiny krok2

serpentiny obr2

Step 3:
Sewing around the bracelet. Mainly sew on the PB which are located next to each other, but have not been sewn through in their empty holes. When sewing around the bracelet, use both holes of the PB. Add the top PB, when sewing through the points. Sew on 2x R10 twice at the edges next to the fastening between the PB. Thread your way through the "squares" and sew through the R10 again.

serpentiny krok3

Step 4:
String the ovals at the outer R10 and connect them with the eyes at the fastening.

serpentiny obr4bserpentiny obr4a

serpentiny 02xserpentiny 03