Pile of flowers

Pile of flowers

Necklace with PRECIOSA Hill™ beads

Allow the powerful facets of the new PRECIOSA Hill™ fire polished bead with a multiple cut. The tested 36 surface finishes make it stand out even more. Use your imagination and combine this new bead with other beads and seed beads with the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand.

Create an unmissable necklace inspired by nature.

Design: Michal Papež

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Materials and tools

151 01 357; 8 mm; 00030/28703; 25x

kopec kvetu hill 8mmy

151 01 357; 6 mm; 00030/28703; 27x

kopec kvetu hill 6mmy

Leaf (L)
111 01 049; 12x7 mm; 23980/29443; 100x

kopec kvetu listecky x

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R8)
331 19 001; 8/0; 78102; 205x

kopec kvetu rokajl 8

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R10)
331 19 001; 10/0; 0005c; 156x

kopec kvetu rokajl 10c

0.25 mm nylon line; 0.6 mm memory wire; 20 mm eye pin; carabiner; 7 cm adjusting chain; circles; thin needle; scissors; flat nose pliers (flattening the end of the line before stringing), needle nose pliers

kopec kvetu pomucky


Step 1: 
The basic part of the necklace consists of sewn flowers made from 4x L (fig. nos. 1a and 1b). String 4x L and thread the line through them one more time (fig. nos. 2a and 2b). After stringing, tie the line off with two knots, pull the ends of the line into the surrounding L and cut it off (fig. no. 3). Sew 25x flowers to create the necklace.

fig. no. 1akopec kvetu krok1b fig. no. 1bkopec kvetu krok1c fig. no. 2akopec kvetu krok1d fig. no. 2bkopec kvetu krok1e
fig. no. 3kopec kvetu krok1f

Step 2:
String an H8 on an eye pin from the flat side. Thread the flower through the cup which you have created and additionally string an R8. Shorten the pin with the pliers and create a loop (fig. no. 4). Complete all 25 flowers in this manner.

kopec kvetu krok2

Step 3:
String an H6 on an eye pin from the flat side and 6x R10 and create a loop (fig. no. 5). You will need 26 of these pins.

kopec kvetu krok3

Step 4:
Cut off ca 44 cm of memory wire and create a loop at one end. String 90x R8 on the wire. Begin alternately stringing the created pins and the flowers; pin, flower, etc. Then straighten everything (fig. nos. 6a and 6b).

fig. no. 6a
kopec kvetu krok4
fig. no. 6b
kopec kvetu krok4c

String 90x R8 on the wire and once again straighten the pins and the flowers and tighten the stringing. Cut off any excess wire and create a loop (fig. no. 7). Use the rings to attach the fastening and the adjusting chain (fig. no. 8). Use an eye pin to attach an H6 bead to the end of the adjusting chain (fig. no. 9).

fig. no. 7

kopec kvetu krok4f

fig. no. 8

kopec kvetu krok4d

fig. no. 9

kopec kvetu krok4e

preciosa ornela preciosa hill michal papez 45preciosa ornela preciosa hill michal papez 47dsc 2756

dsc 2762