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Walk in through the open doors

Walk in through the open doors

The Open Day at PRECIOSA ORNELA and summer Seed Bead Festival in Zásada.

PRECIOSA ORNELA and the Township of Zásada invite you to a summer Seed Bead Festival and Open Day at PRECIOSA ORNELA.

Come and see how Czech seed beads are made at the production facility, which you will find at the address of Zásada 317, 468 25 Zásada, between the 8 am and 1 pm on Saturday 25th August 2018.

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You will be able to spend a day full of inspiration and information associated with both the history and the present of glassmaking and the crafts of this region in Zásada during the last weekend of this year’s summer holidays.

As well as a visit to the seed bead factory at PRECIOSA ORNELA, you can also:

  • take part in a book signing and acquire the book "Zásadský ráj" – the story of Czech seed beads,
  • take part in creative workshops,
  • see examples of traditional crafts which not only include the working of seed beads and glass,
  • purchase finished products
  • enjoy the extensive cultural program and the offer of regional refreshments.

The prepared program most definitely does not end with the completion of the guided tour of our seed bead production.

The first of the trailers showing what you can experience here

- seed beads coating, seed beads threading, costume jewelry production, handbags crocheting

(PRECIOSA ORNELA, YANI, Atlas Bijoux companies)

Historical crafts in Zásada

As well as the completion of glass seed beads at PRECIOSA ORNELA, we will also offer you the opportunity to view other crafts which you can only see in Zásada during the Seed Bead Celebrations.

Come and see, or even try for yourself, glass blowing and the production of decorative products at Mrs Libuše Laurinová's Veselá světýlka company along with an offer of the popular local potato pancakes. Make the most of the opportunity to try pressing glass beads in a Matura glass press at Mr Miroslav Hodboda's M-beads company and you can then compare the pressing process with that using Mr Petr Klamt's Kopal glass press. View a presentation on how to make "perlšlunk" in Yani company. ("Perlšlunk" is a semi-finished product used in the production of seed bead sewing ribbons).

Mrs Jarmila Kotrbová has prepared a presentation on how to make glass bangles, including a unique opportunity to purchase them. Mr Martin Titz's giant kaleidoscope is an invitation to a magical world of endless fantasy mirrored in glass fragments. You can also make or purchase your own kaleidoscope. The demonstration of the production and restoration of a historical organ, the craft of Mr Bohumil Žloutek's family company will be unforgettable for many.

We have prepared a taste of what else awaits you in Zásada

perlslunk yani 1.1 perlslunk yani 2.1 perlslunk yani 3.1
A presentation on how to make "perlšlunk" in Yani company

When there was no glass, they strung wood in Zásada...

During the global depression from "Black Friday" in 1929, glass went out like a light. Orders from the export houses in Jablonec were returned, all of them stamped with "annuliert" (cancelled). It didn’t take long, because glass is not bread, and that was always the priority. It was a problem what to do next. So people started work with wooden beads from Schowanek. He began to produce wooden beads and his specialty was white enamel. The owner had his own formula for it, and he would mix it himself. Different things began to be made from this:  wallets, these were put into larger purses, they were called clutches. Handbags were made, even large shopping bags (they were solid and kept their shape). Then, beach mats and beach hats began to be made, and everything went to America.

An excerpt from the prepared book Zásadský ráj – The story of Czech seed beads (the Memoires Chapter)

Even though Zásada has historically been associated with glass seed beads and the costume jewellery made from them, there was also a time when the people of Zásada were forced to base their livelihoods on products made from wooden beads. The Schowanek company, which was established in 1908, was involved in the production of wooden beads and this tradition is currently being upheld by in the Jizera Mountains by DETOA Albrechtice.

Come and visit the Open Day and Seed Bead Festival in Zásada and, in addition to glass products, you will be able to see with your own eyes the exceptional craft involved in the production of handbags made from wooden beads and bobbin laces.

TRAILER of the production of wooden beads, handbags made from wooden beads.

(DETOA Albrechtice)

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the story of Czech seed beads

Hundreds of color photographs of the products from Zásada
dating from the 17th century to the present


palickovani palickovani 2

Hand production of bobbin lace

Wooden beads in the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ range

Spend the last Saturday of the holidays with Czech seed beads!

If you are interested in the history of seed beads, you will be able to purchase the unique "Zásadský ráj - the Story of Czech Seed Beads" book on site and even receive a dedication from the author at the book signing.

The book, which is full of factual information on the production of seed beads and costume jewellery in the so-called Little Paris, as the people of Zásada proudly call their municipality, will be on sale for a special price. The "Zásadský ráj" book has been created in cooperation with the Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou.

historicky autobusBe sure to bring your children with you to the Open Day! They can look forward to seed bead workshops, a puppet theatre, singing, demonstrations of traditional crafts and last, but not least, train rides and historic buses around Zásada and its environs (Pěnčín Farm)!

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A fairy tale by the Prokůpek puppet theatre from Zásada
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You can enjoy a train ride around Zásada or to the Pěnčín Farm

However, the rich cultural program does not end there. In addition to admiring traditional glass crafts, which are not only associated with the processing of seed beads and glass, you can also purchase finished products and enjoy regional refreshments at the seed bead festival. Try Mrs Laurinová's potato pancakes, 4 types of delicious beverages from the Rezek Brewery, cakes from the Mašek Bakery and fruit liqueurs and spirits from Style Bohemia.

foto masek 3 sejkory2 tk varna orez 2
Fresh pastry and sweet cakes from Jan Mašek Bakery Crunchy potato pancakes Taste the delicious drinks of the local Rezek Brewery.

You can find the production facility at Zásada 317, 468 25 Zásada.

The program:

08:00 - the beginning of the Open Day and the Seed Bead Festival
09:40 - the Krakonoš theatre company from Vysoké nad Jizerou
10:00 - the book signing for the "Zásadský ráj" book
11:30 - a fairy tale for children - the Prokůpek puppet theatre from Zásada
12:00 - the Krakonoš theatre company from Vysoké nad Jizerou

The last tour of the Preciosa Ornela production facility will be at 1 pm.

After this time the prepared program will not end. You can visit other visitor stations in Zásada.

You can enjoy a ride by train or historic bus to easily reach the places in Zásada. A ride is for free.

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