An exhibition about Greenland

An exhibition about Greenland

Czech seed beads, an indispensable part of the icy kingdom.

We invite you to the exhibition Greenland- a land of ice, life and agriculture.

1634 klempirovi portretThe exhibition not only tells of the glass seed beads used in the national folk costumes, but also of the country's nature, life, culture, artistic expression and agriculture.
We have already written a number of times about this beautiful country and about Alena and Jaroslav Klempíř, who have devoted their lives to Greenland. Despite that, we cannot resist offering you the opportunity to transport yourself to this attractive environment via photographs, films and authentic items from the world's largest island.

You can visit the exhibition at the National Museum of Agriculture in Prague from  11.1. to 4.4.2018.

The exhibition also includes an accompanying program (see the poster for more information):

24.1. - Greenland - the world's biggest island - a discussion with a screening of a film by the authors
24.2. - The children's polar day - make bead necklaces according to a pattern from Greenland with the designer Aleksandra Lysenko (Snow Mirna)
14.3. - Greenland lives culturally - a discussion