PASTELS - new coating

PASTELS - new coating


We present seven popular bead shapes from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand in an attractive range of 39 pastel colors. The shiny mother of pearl appearance is used in combination with 23 color shades. The pleasant surface of 16 silky smooth colors enables you to make attractive combinations together with the delicate contrast of the shiny pastel mother of pearl finish. The new pastel colors stand out best in summer jewellery where they emphasise the playfulness of summer fashion colors.

  • All products with this coating are frontloaded.
  • The minimum amount for wholesalers is 2 kg.

Table names of coatings
Name Coating
Creame 02010/25039
Strawbery Pink 02010/25007
Baby Pink 02010/25008
Lila Red 02010/25031
Violet 02010/25012
Purple 02010/25032
Khaki 02010/25021
Sage Green 02010/25034
Mint 02010/25025
Turquoise 02010/25019
Azure Blue 02010/25020
Teal 02010/25043
Petrol Blue 02010/25033
Navy Blue 02010/25042
Anthracite 02010/25037
Cool Grey 02010/25028
Taupe 02010/25005
Chocolate Brown 02010/25036

Available Card with PASTEL coating

PRECIOSA Pip™ - 2955

PRECIOSA Pip™ - 2955

PRECIOSA Thorn™ - 2963

PRECIOSA Pellet™ - 2961

PRECIOSA Pyramid - 2967

PRECIOSA 2-hole Square - 2956

PRECIOSA Fire-Polished Beads - 2965

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