The "Fleet Muse - Mistral" trophy

Glass figures PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass #1

Glass figures and statues from Preciosa Ornela often take the form of valued trophies for the winners of various competitions. The Mistral Fleet Muse, a glass statue of a girl with flowing hair, is the work of the glassworkers from Desná v Jizerských horách. 

nl50 strip mistralThe glass statue on a base is made by Preciosa Ornela in Desná. Apart from the fact that the statue symbolises inventiveness and dynamism, which are the main attributes of successful fleet suppliers, there were also other reasons for the choice of decorative glass from Desná. They most certainly include tradition and the high artistic quality of the products from the glassworks in the Jizera Mountains, but there was also one further specific reason: the Fleet Muse belongs to part of the glassworks' product range which is associated with motoring. This involves statues which were sold in the 1930s as mascots for car radiators. At that time, this highly fashionable product evolved into a highly collectable item and this is still the case today.

This figure and others from the limited edition can be purchased at our company shop in Desná.