Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny

Decoration Made from PRECIOSA Fire Polished Beads

The Easter holidays are a great opportunity to make spring decorations. Let yourself be inspired and create a small glass bunny made with fire polished beads from our PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ collection.

Design: Drahomíra Krupková & Jana Šourková

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Materials and Tools

PRECIOSA Fire Polished Beads (FPB)

151 19 001; 4 mm; 00030 Crystal (approx. 250 pcs)

velokonocni zajicek ohnovka krystal

23980 Black (3 pcs)

velokonocni zajicek ohnovka cerna

 Thin beading needle; 0.2 mm beading thread; scissors

velokonocni zajicek pomucky


To make this lovely bunny you will use one sewing stitch, namely the "rectangular" stitch. This project consists of a series of bead circles, each made of 4-6 pieces of FPB. Sew one circle at a time.
To start, thread your needle, pick up 4 FPB and tie a knot. Add 1 FPB. Pick up the remaining FPB to create the second circle. Connect them. Pass your needle through some of the FPB a second time.
Pick up the appropriate number of FPB. Connect them. Attach this circle to the previous one by passing your needle through several FPB. Continue in a similar way (see Figure 1). Follow the numbered circles, from the smallest to largest number.

Figure 1

velikonocni zajicek zacatek princip siti xxx en

Cut a 3 m piece of nylon thread. You can also make the bunny’s head using 1.5 meters and then add another 1.5 meters for the body. First sew the top of the head (forehead, crown, nape) (Figure 2). Next attach the face to the FPB on the outside edge (as marked by small letters on the diagram). Do not forget the eyes (black FPB) (Figure 3). Lastly, above Circle No. 34 sew on the nose (Figure 4).

Figure 2

velikonocni zajicek hlava x envelokonocni zajicek obrazek2

Figure 3

velikonocni zajicek lice tvar en xvelokonocni zajicek obrazek3

Figure 4

velikonocni zajicek zacatek cumakvelokonocni zajicek obrazek4avelokonocni zajicek obrazek4b

Continue with the same thread (if using 3m) or add on the next 1.5 m of thread. Attach the body to the head along the outside FPB edges of both parts (marked by red crosses and dots in the diagram). Attach the front of the body to the front of the head, the back to the back. Continue sewing in ascending circle numbers (Figure 5).

Figure 5

velikonocni zajicek telo en xvelokonocni zajicek obrazek5avelokonocni zajicek obrazek5b

Hind Legs
For the bunny to stand properly, it needs a pair of flat paws and legs to stand on. Start sewing on the front side of the belly. Sew a thin length of FPB, attach it to the body at several points, and widen it at the back. Find a connecting FPB on the body (marked with capital letters in the diagram). The FPB grouping of the left foot is a mirror image of the right (Figures 6-8).

Figure 6

velikonocni zajicek nohy a en

Figure 7

velikonocni zajicek nohy b en

Figure 8

velikonocni zajicek nohy k telu envelokonocni zajicek obrazek8a

Front Paws
Attach the front paws onto the FPB marked by capital A – closest to the tummy at the circle on the upper side of the body (Circle No.3 and No.7). Sew on 3 FPB and then 2 FPB. Continue in a circle on the head (Circle No.31 and No.37), (Figure 9 and 10).

Figure 9

velikonocni zajicek ruce en bx

Figure 10

velikonocni zajicek ruce en bx

velokonocni zajicek obrazek10avelokonocni zajicek obrazek10c

Cut and thread a new 1.5 m piece of nylon beading thread. Attach it to the head. To add the ears, use Circles No.5, 6 and 7 (the appropriate FPB are marked with capital letters). Sew from the head to the tip of the ears (Figure 11-13).

Figure 11

velikonocni zajicek usi hlava 01 en

Figure 12

velikonocni zajicek usi hlava 02 en

Figure 13

velikonocni zajicek usi hlava 03 en

velokonocni zajicek obrazek usi11velokonocni zajicek obrazek celek11velokonocni zajicek 02

velokonocni zajicek 01