PRECIOSA ORNELA, a.s is one of the largest specialised glass companies in the world.  The use of our many years of experience and the skills of our master glassmakers in association with modern technology enables us to produce glass and costume jewellery products and semi-products in a wide range of colours and shapes.

Pressing Rods

Glass pressing rods are used for the production of glass beads, costume jewellery stones and other small pressed products.


Glass Microbeads are designed for the blast finishing of surfaces and for road markings.
pressing rods 1 glass technical glass microbeads 1

LIBA Optical Rods

PECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass rods with semi-optical properties are used by leading international lens manufacturers for a wide range of purposes.

Chandelier Parts, Plates and Centerpieces

Uncut glass semi-products and raw cast pieces for the production of cut chandelier parts, plates and centrepieces and for other uses in the production of light fittings.

glass technical glass liba optical rods 1

lighting glass 1

Staining Jars, Laboratory Glass

Staining jars are dipping colour cartridges for laboratories.

Technical Beads

Technical glass beads in diameters ranging from 1.5 – 10 mm.
mikrodozy glass technical glass technical glass beads 1

Lead glass for creative use

Coloured glass with a high lead oxide content for the creation of melted glass sculptures.

Lampworking Rods

PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass rods are mainly used in conjunction with gas burners to produce small glass products.
casting glass banner
glass technical glass lampworking rods 1


Original interior accessories made of glass and seed beads

"Desná" Decorative Glass

A collection of artistic crystal and smooth cut glass which takes its inspiration from the pre-war tradition.
magic fusion glass utility glass decorative glass 1