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How to search in the Card Browser?

  • by name of the type of bead or seed bead (eg 2cuts, 3cuts, Bugles, Corolla, Drops, Ersatz, Fire-Polished, Lamp, MC, Oblongs, Ornelka, Pearl, Pressed, Rocailles, Spike, Squares, Stars, Triangles, Tubes, Wooden)
  • according to the registered name of the bead (eg Candy, Farfalle, Hill, Chilli, Pellet, Pip, Ripple, Solo, Tee, Thorn, Twin, Villa)
  • by card number (eg 2962 or 2925B)
  • by color number or number of surface finishes (eg 23980 for black, 00030 crystal, or 2700 for Labrador decor)
  • depending on the size of the bead (eg 12mm)

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