'Desna' Decorative Glass

A collection of artistic crystal and smooth cut glass which takes its inspiration from the pre-war tradition of unique products made by the Jablonec companies of Heinrich Hoffmann and Curt Schlevogt, especially the “Ingrid” collection which was created with the participation of artists of European and international significance. The “Desná” collection currently not only contains designs from the original “Ingrid” range, but also many others. They not only come from various local pre-war companies, but also from post-war and contemporary designers. The Desná collection stands out due to the way in which it brings together the high quality of traditional manual work and current glassmaking technology.

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Glass figure 'Mistral - Fleet Muse'

Figure "Motorcyklist"

Figure "Eagle"

Figure "Kneeling Women"

Figure "Beam"

Figure "The Women and the Lion"

Casting Glass

Coloured glass with a high lead oxide content for the creation of melted glass sculptures (and much more besides). Melted glass sculptures involve a special creative procedure which, unlike sculpture made from other traditional materials, also makes use of the optical properties of the glass, its transparency or translucency and the play of light.

The glass with a high lead content sold under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass brand has been designed in order to adhere to all of the special requirements of melted glass technology in a mould. The lead glass complies with a wide range of demands – it is suitable for the realisation of small-scale items, as well as for very large glass objects. Its characteristic properties are: low viscosity, a low cooling temperature and deformation point, a high surface quality, high dispersion and optical clarity and also excellent properties for working when cold.

The main form in which lead glass is supplied is as a semicircle castings. It is, however, possible to produce other shapes – rods, lampworking rods and blocks. It is also possible to manufacture glass with a 15% and 32% PbO content to special order, as well as new unprecedented colours and shades.

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Staining Jars, Laboratory Glass

The PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass staining jars are dipping colour cartridges for laboratories. The staining jars are produced with and without a grooved insert for the placement of slides. Even in this day of high technology, not all types of laboratory staining jars can be produced using mechanical mass production and it is necessary to use traditional manual work with the concomitant individualised specialist experience and skill. The products for laboratories do not only include staining jars in several traditional models, but also, for example, glass taps and stoppers.

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Martin Koutný
Koutny Martin t

Chandelier Parts, Plates and Centrepieces

Uncut glass semi-products and raw cast pieces for the production of cut chandelier parts, plates and centrepieces and for other uses in the production of light fittings. The speciality of these semi-products sold under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass brand is particularly large scale pieces and parts which must be produced directly in a glass furnace and cannot be made elsewhere by means of regular pressing from glass rods in automatic glass pressing machines.

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