CALIFORNIA - new coating

CALIFORNIA - new coating

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents the CALIFORNIA collection of ten dual-coloured metallic decorations in matt and gloss variants used on its most popular new beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand. It is used on the pressed and seed bead versions of the PRECIOSA Twin™ and on other new beads, i.e. PRECIOSA Pip™ and PRECIOSA Solo™, which are excellently supplemented by both variants.

Table names of coatings

name shine coatings matt coatings
California Gold Rush 00030/98542 00030/98842
California Nights 00030/98543 00030/98843
California Pink 00030/98544 00030/98844
California Violet 00030/98545 00030/98845
California  Meadows 00030/98546 00030/98846
California Graphite 00030/98547 00030/98847
California Blue 00030/98548 00030/98848
California Green 00030/98549 00030/98849
California Silver 00030/98550 00030/98850
California Sunshine 00030/98552 00030/98852

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