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Keepsakes for Future Generations - How long does a seed bead last ?

Silver Lining Durability Test

A recent study compared the silver lining quality of five seed bead manufacturers (one from the Czech Republic, three from Japan and one from China). An independent, certified laboratory performed four separate tests of silver lining durability across these manufacturers. It found that silver lining might change color when exposed to substances containing sulfuric acid or chlorine. It decays when exposed to a large amount of these substances or if the silver lining surface is mechanically scratched. However, the quality and

durability of the silver lining of Czech Seed Beads far exceeds that of other manufacturers', as summarized in the following table:

Type of test Description

Corrosion tests

General test of resistance against enviromental factors.
Acid test Test of resistance against sweat.
Chlorine test Test of resistance against chlorine, which may be contained in bleach and dry cleaning agents
Heat and humidity test Test of resistance against hot and humit weather


Type of test Results
  PRECIOSA Japanese 1 Japenese 2 Japenese 3 Chinese
Corrosion test light blackening light blackening light blackening light blackening light blackening  
Acid test no change loss of silver lining light blackening light blackening blackening  
Chlorine test light change of color light change of color change of color change of color change of color  
Heat and humidity test no change no change no change no change no change  

The durability of silver lining is an important parameter of seed bead quality. It provides for a long-lasting brilliance of the beads, regardless of the project the might be used in. Czcech seed beads are in a category of their own. THey represent a unique price value ratio. Production technology is constantly being refined, and several technological steps are carefully guarded secrets. Achieving superior quality is a compley and tricky task which involves many years of expereience as well as a thorough understading of the production process.

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Czech seed beads' outstanding quality, near perfect uniformity, and exceptional product breadth make them a smart choice for any beading project. Czcech seed beads, manufactured a distributed exclusively under PRECIOSA Traditional CZech Beads trademark, are the best choice, as clearly demonstrated by this rigorous study.