Motorcyclist - Biker

PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass Figures 2

We present yet another in the series of glass figures manufactured by PRECIOSA ORNELA in Desná v Jizerských horách in North Bohemia, which have been used as mascots on vehicle radiators.

The figure of the Motorcyclist is part of the range which is closely linked with motoring. This glass statue was one of many sold by the Heinrich Hoffmann Company in the 1930s for use as mascots on vehicle radiators. These items, which were highly fashionable in their day, subsequently became sought after collectors’ items and this remains the case today.
This figure and others from the limited edition can be purchased at the PRECIOSA ORNELA company store in Desná.

The more individual the mascot on the radiator, the more it was appreciated. It was not only the figural working which was important, but also the colour finish. As well as transparent glass, they were also manufactured in coloured variations and lamps were even placed inside them so that the mascots could be lit up. The most sophisticated design involved multi-coloured lamp covers which could be “remotely” turned from the cabin in order to change the mascot’s colour. According to period reports, the statues seemed so mystical and supernatural that rural denizens in particular would be overcome with panic and would hide from the mascots’ “field of view”.

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