Fall / Winter 2014-2015

Fall / Winter 2014-2015

Preciosa Ornela presents the fashion color trends for the 2014-2015 fall and winter season.

The incredible number of Preciosa Ornela glass colors is perfect for creating an even larger offering of creative color combinations. The seemingly unending range of colored glass is complemented by a broad range of surface finishes, leading to breathtaking optical effects. This unique variety of both type and quality, is unequalled in the marketplace. Give these Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads and seed beads the opportunity to reach their colorful potential! And, let the 2014-2015 autumn-winter season inspire you with the magical possibilities of our wonderful realm of beads and seed beads!


You can download the Trend in PDF here

Fashion and Color Trends for Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 (YouTube video)


The playful geometric patterns of embroidered seed beads combined with the crisp, clean color tones form a balanced whole.  The monochromatic palette, accented with a soft luster, creates the illusion of fine fragile porcelain. Embroidering with Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads creates a product with its own unique texture that is pleasant both visually and to the touch.  This traditional technique is revived using modern designs and applications.

Colors: clear white , ashen , arctic jade , lavender ice

souladsoulad barvy


The colors in this palette are precisely delineated using design, which highlights each individual color of rocaille used.  The shades, many of which come from industrial materials, create a natural equilibrium for both contemporary accessories as well as fun, lighthearted decorative items.  An interesting effect is created by the contrast between the saturated colors and the glossy and matte metal finishes of these Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads and seed beads.

Colors: coral orange , ink , chartreuse , deep cobalt , brick


nostalgie barvy


Finding fun and original new ways of using the variety of shapes, sizes and finishes of Preciosa Traditional Czech beads and seed beads will carry you away to a wonderful fantasy world full of incredible creations. The soft romantic glow of the rich shades of ripe fruit is complemented by natural luscious green tones. This colorful world of Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads and seed beads is full of adventure and endless inspiration!
Colors: cherry luster , intense jade , plum , wild rose


dobrodruzstvi barvy


The wonderful aroma of exotic spices is palpable with this oriental color combination. The smooth sophisticated pearly surfaces just beckon to be touched. Your heightened senses will carry you on an intensely pleasurable journey. The earthy colors are brightened with tender yellow and warm, dusky, pearly pink. Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads and seed beads give you the power to creatively transform even your wildest ideas.
Colors: deep rosewood , raffia yellow, taupe , framboise , pinkish taupe


hravost barvy