Trends of Spring/Summer 2018

Take inspiration for your work from our colour forecast for 2018.

Time, music, beauty and literature are the main themes for the 2018 spring and summer season.

The calm of the colours of a silvery foggy morning and bluish shading, the richness of the colour of citrus fruit and the mood of the fiery colours of summer, the romantic beauty of purple and the colour of cyclamens, the dark red of garnets or the depth of ink.
You will find all of this in the wide range of glass beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ range.

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PRECIOSA ORNELA Trends SS 2018 Literature

PRECIOSA ORNELA Trends SS 2018 Music

PRECIOSA ORNELA Trends SS 2018 Beauty

TIME (watch)

Inspired by history

natural white, Colchicum, powder grey, silver grey, green slate, Otava, cool pastel green, faded denim, blue twilight

Hours rush, chime and tick away. Time passes, comes, flies or drags. We create history, while the generations before us lived it. Colours also have a story to tell; they are proven, dusty, blurred, permanent and classic. The tried and tested tones of natural white, the caress of light purple and lilac and a powdery top coat. Feel free to use the shades of the silvery morning and a hint of a distant forest and a lake in the shade of the trees or the colours of bluish dusk, as they invoke silence, peace and calm.

History is the witness of time, the light of truth, the life of memory, the directress of life and the herald of antiquity."
"Historia est testis temporum, lux veritatis, vita memoriae, magistra vitae, nuntia vetustatis."

Time is the only thing I lack.


Reading is my ease

raspberry red, seal red, clear white, linen cloth, lemonade, forget-me-not blue, azure, medium blue, ink

Do you devote every free moment to reading? Seek out books in your bookshelves according to their spines, according to their colours. Take out all the ones with the red shades of sweet fruit and add dark garnet. You will no doubt also find books in pure modest blue, dark ink and a clear azure tone. The stories in them are written on clear white and slightly yellowed sheets of paper. Have you perchance discovered the romantic story White Nights, the dreamy novel The Blue Bird or the literary version of Red Dwarf?

All literature bears witness to the one who wrote it before it bears witness to the world.

It is absolutely essential to describe contemporary events so that our descendants can refer to us."

MUSIC (headphones)

Music is my life

mourning cloak moth, maple wood, pollen grains, butter pear, orange juice, warm flame, silver pine, willow bark, Persian green

Do you love music, experience the melody, sway to the rhythm, find joy in life and seek out things of an uncommon nature? Combine your mood with the clear, bright fiery colours of summer, the colour of the sun low on the horizon and the tones of crops and citrus fruit, ripe cereal and cocoa beans. Mix in the cool fresh blue-green shades of the sea’s depths. Add the neutral tones of dark mysterious grey, cold green-grey and full-bodied green shades.

Music is one of the best ways of awakening feelings.

I was born and the music was part of me. Just like my ribs, liver, kidneys and heart. Like my blood."

BEAUTY (mirror)

Beauty pleases

wisteria, Damascus rose, daisy buds, Monet’s iris, ivory white, raisins, khaki, yellow-green, Chinese celadon

Allow yourself to be pampered. Adorn yourself with lace, embroidery and pleats. Layer and combine. Be like a doll in a beautiful romantic dress in the colours of garden flowers. Wonderful aromatic roses, crocuses, whimsical irises, sweet peas, coneflower and nettles. Dress in the shades of purple, pink and cyclamen. Add a little irresistible cream and luxurious ivory. Don’t forget to fine-tune the shades of the leaves, stems and buds.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Moments are the most beautiful things in the world."