Butterfly necklace

Try out the simple combination of PRECIOSA Twin™ beads or seed beads with a small rocaille ... beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand can help unleash your imagination.

It is possible to use the beads and seed beads from the Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads brand for the simple creation of an elegant and fashionable costume jewellery accessory. Follow the tutorial to create glass lace which you can shape into the required shape of a butterfly or a collar. The colour selection is up to you. Take a look at the range of PRECIOSA Twin™ beads and seed beads and PRECIOSA Solo™ beads. (links to the following cards: 321twin, 2908, 2899, 2887, 2876, 2871, 2859, 2848, 2831, 2830, 2825, 2817) We wish you many creative ideas when working with all types of the Czech beads and seed beads.
Designer: Helena Chmelíková

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