Neon flowers

Difficulty: 2
Neon flowers

Floral bracelet made using PRECIOSA Farfalle™ Seed Beads

PRECIOSA ORNELA newly offers a seed beads speciality with neon lines. We present a tutorial for a simple, but highly interesting use of unique PRECIOSA Farfalle™ Seed Beads with this decor. Create an untraditional floral bracelet in bright neon colors by means of a relatively simple stringing on flexible material.

PRECIOSA Farfalle™ Seed Beads, which have a shape reminiscent of butterflies, stand out best when strung on a thread, line or wire so that the seed beads naturally cross and create an interlocking effect. This time, we have used an untraditional method. We have strung them on a flexible stringing material and placed them together using the peyote stitch principle so that they cannot overlap one another and remain laid out horizontally next to one another. This method has given rise to the unexpected effect of a compact décor. The combination of two distinctive colors has also allowed the flowers to bloom on the bracelet. Give Farfalle, seed beads manufactured under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand, a chance to stand out from our large family of seed beads types and shapes.

Designer: Jaroslava Růžičková