Linked earrings with PRECIOSA Pip™

PRECIOSA Pip™ pressed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand conforms to the current trend for mini beads with its dimensions of 5 x 7 mm. Its axially symmetrical flattened shape resembling a small pip enables the realisation of vacuum metallic half-coatings with the resulting effect of an all-over decoration.

Try using this universal bead to create a pair of original earrings using this tutorial. 

Design: Helena Chmelíková

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Materials and tools:

Gold earrings

111 01 346; 5 x 7 mm; 23980/28103; 82x

luskoun pip b

PRECIOSA Cut Rocailles (R)
361 11 001; 13/0; 18586; 160x

luskoun b

Copper earrings

111 01 346; 5 x 7 mm; 00030/98533; 82x

luskoun pip a

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R)
331 29 001; 10/0; 27060; 160x

luskoun rokajl axx

Silver earrings

111 01 346; 5 x 7 mm; 02010/14400; 82x

luskoun pip c

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R)
331 19 001; 10/0; 57206; 160x

luskoun c

- a metal arm; a chain (10 links, about 2.7 cm); 50 mm eye pins; 4 mm rings; earring hooks or butterfly backs
- needle nose pliers; flat nose pliers (closing the rings, straightening the links)

luskoun pomucky 

The procedure:

Step 1
Link ten arches (5 for one earring). String 1x P, 2x R, 1x P, 2x R, 1x P, 2x R, 1x P, 2x R and 1x P onto an eye pin. Adjust the twist to the lower edge of the metal arm. Link the second eye on the eye pin. Squeeze the eye pin about 8 mm from the P. Grasp the end of the eye pin between the points of the needle nose pliers. Twist it around the point. Gently fold the eye pin back under the eye. The eyes are turned perpendicularly to the flat P.

luskoun obr1axluskoun obr1bxluskoun obr1cx

Step 2
Link eight arches (4 for each earring). String 2x R, 1x P, 2x R, 1x P, 2x R, 1x P, 2x R, 1x P and 2x R onto an eye pin. Twist it. Link the second eye.

luskoun obr2axluskoun obr2bxxluskoun obr2ca

Step 3
Cut off two lengths of chain with 17 links. Place a linked arch next to the lower edge of the metal arm. Attach the chains to the arm at the site of the eyes in the arches using rings.

luskoun obr3axluskoun obr3bxluskoun obr3cxx

Step 4
Slightly open an eye on one arch from Step 1. Hang it in the first link of the chain under the ring. Close the eye. Open the second eye of the arch. Hang it in the first link under the second ring. Close.

luskoun obr4aluskoun obr4bx

Step 5
Hang an arch from Step 2 in the third chain link.

luskoun obr5

Step 6
Alternately hang the arches from Step 1 and Step 2 into each second chain link.

luskoun obr6x

Step 7
Hang the earring on an earring hook or on a butterfly back. You can use a ring for this.

luskoun obr12luskoun obr13 xluskoun obr14