Earrings made from PRECIOSA Hill  and PRECIOSA Rocailles

Try the new fire polished PRECIOSA Hill beads and make use of the options provided by this new geometric shape with facets which enhance the effect of the surface finishes in combination with rocailles to create an elegant pair of earrings for everyday wear and special occasions.

Preciosa Ornela presents a tutorial for the creation of earnings using the new fire polished PRECIOSA Hill™ bead. This half-ball with a round base is decorated with a cut in its bulbous section. The shallow rounding in the lower section makes it very simple to sew around it, to connect it with other Hill beads or to combine it with selected other types of beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand.

Design: Jana Noninka Shweiki

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The materials and tools required to make a pair of earrings

151 01 375; 8 mm; 03000/27203; 24x

industry f003ax

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R5)
331 19 001; 5/0; 47010; 60x

industry f003bx

0.20 mm line – 2 lengths of ca 70 cm; a sewing needle; scissors; pliers for attaching the earring hooks with rings; 2x 6 mm rings; 2x earring hooks

industry f001xindustry f002x

The procedure:

Sew through each row several times so that it is sufficiently strong.

Step 1
String 6x R5 (fig. no. 1) and tie them into a circle using a double knot (fig. no. 2). Leave about 8 cm of the line free at the end to sew in. You can sew it in straight  away, if the end of the line gets in your way, or sew it in at the end as usual.

fig. no. 1

industry f004x

fig. no. 2

industry f005x

Step 2
Add 3x R5 (fig. no. 3) and thread the line through one rocaille, leave out the next rocaille and then thread the line through the next one (fig. no. 4 + 5). Repeat this around the circle (fig. no. 6).

fig. no. 3

industry f006x

fig. no. 4

industry f007x

fig. no. 5

industry f008x

fig. no. 6

industry f009x

Step 3
Thread the needle through the last rocaille of the three added in Step 2 (fig. no. 7), add 3x R5 (fig. no. 8) and thread the needle through the first added rocaille of the subsequently added three beads from step no. 2 (fig. no. 9 + 10). Repeat around the circle - the places where the needle emerges and where it continues have been marked on the photographs (fig. no. 11).

fig. no. 7

industry f010x

fig. no. 8

industry f011x

fig. no. 9

industry f012x

fig. no. 10

industry f013x

fig. no. 11

industry f014x

Step 4
Pull the needle through the following R5 (fig. no. 12). Add 1x H, 1x R5 and 1x H (fig. no. 13) and thread the needle through the third following R5 (fig. nos. 14 + 15). Add 1x H + 1x R5 + 1x H and thread the needle around the circle in the marked places (fig. nos. 16 + 17). Sew the last row around the circle, tie a knot and sew it in (fig. no. 18).

fig. no. 12

industry f015x

fig. no. 13

industry f016x

fig. no. 14

industry f017x

fig. no. 15

industry f018x

fig. no. 16

industry f019x

fig. no. 17

industry f020x

fig. no. 18

industry f021x

Step 5
Thread a ring into one of the rocailles, add the earring hook and close the ring. You have now completed one earring (fig. no. 19).

industry f022x

Step 6
Repeat steps 1 to 5 so that you have a pair of earrings (fig. no. 20).

industry f023x

industry f029xindustry f027x

industry f028x