Little fruit

Little fruit

Wooden bead decoration strung on elastic

The following is a simple tutorial on how to make a decoration with Czech wooden beads which even children can follow!

Czech wooden beads are an exception in our product range which otherwise exclusively consists of glass beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand. They are offered in an extensive range consisting of more than 100 shapes and various sizes and in the widest range of permanent and ecological colors, varnished or polished. You and your children are sure to be able to choose a favourite combination from the range of shapes and colors. You can use the elasticated decoration as a bracelet, a hair band or a pendant.

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Materials and tools:

a mixture of wooden beads with a silvery surface

511 01 175 or 511 01 240 (10x)

white 90300/07000 pink 91600/07000 purple 95600/07000 light grey 94500/07000
cream 93100/07000 red 91800/07000 light green 96900/07000 dark grey 94800/07000
yellow 98100/07000 light blue 94300/07000 brown 93200/07000  
orange 91300/07000 dark blue 92300/07000    

drobne ovoce material

round elastic with a diameter of 1 – 1.5 mm in any color (at a length of 150 cm); a tailor's needle; tailor's thread; scissors; a ruler

drobne ovoce pomucky

The procedure:

Step 1:

Thread approximately 15 cm of tailor's thread onto the tailor's needle. Tie off the ends of the thread. The result is a needle with a large loop.

drobne ovoce krok 1

Step 2:

Find out whether you want to string onto single or double elastic - it depends on the diameter of the elastic. Thread a piece of elastic into the thread loop. String one bead onto the elastic. Tie a knot on the elastic and test that it holds the bead in place. If it does, you can string on single elastic. Otherwise, use double elastic.

drobne ovoce krok 2

Single elastic
Step 3:

Cut off about 70 cm of elastic. Thread the beginning through the thread loop. String 1x wooden bead. Place it about 8 - 10 cm from the end. Tie a knot immediately after it. Create a loop in the elastic and thread the end of the elastic with the needle through it. Tighten it. Thread the elastic back through the strung bead. String another 7x wooden beads and secure them with knots in the same way.

drobne ovoce krok3adrobne ovoce krok3bdrobne ovoce krok3cdrobne ovoce krok3d


drobne ovoce nakres en

Step 4:

String the ninth bead onto the elastic. Tie a knot after it. Do not thread the elastic back through it. Measure off 7 – 12 cm of elastic. It depends on the circumference of the wrist. Tie another knot. String the tenth and last bead.

drobne ovoce krok4adrobne ovoce krok4b

Step 5:

Tie off the ends of the elastic with two knots. Cut them off about 0.5 cm from the knot.

drobne ovoce krok5adrobne ovoce krok5b

Double elastic
Step 3:

Cut off about 120 cm of elastic. Thread it through the thread loop. Fold the elastic in half. Then continue in the same way as with the single elastic.

drobne ovoce dvojita 3adrobne ovoce dvojita 3bdrobne ovoce dvojita 3cdrobne ovoce dvojita 3d

Step 4:

The same as with the single elastic.

drobne ovoce dvojita 4adrobne ovoce dvojita 4b

Step 5:

The same as with the single elastic.

drobne ovoce dvojita 5adrobne ovoce dvojita 5b

drobne ovoce dvojita 6drobne ovoce dvojita 7drobne ovoce dvojita 9

drobne ovoce dvojita 8