Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration made from PRECIOSA beads and seed beads

It is possible to use glass beads and seed beads of various sizes and colors to create a simple costume jewelry accessory, which can also serve as an excellent Christmas decoration, interior decoration or as an adornment for a Christmas gift. This simple tutorial will show you how to use so-called memory wire to create an elegant tassel or star chain.

We wish you many hours of happy bead working with the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand.

Designer: Kateřina Krausová

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Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA Traditional Czech BeadsTM beads and seed beads

5 - 6 mm memory wire; a steel stringing wire; 2 crimp beads; a cap; snipping, flat nose and needle nose pliers

vanocni dekorace 02


The tassel

1. Use the snipping pliers to cut off pieces of memory wire at varying lengths (10-12 pieces). Always make a small loop at one end or bend the end of the wire into a right angle 1 mm from the end using the flat nose pliers so that the beads cannot slide off. Finish the second end of the wire with a loop using the needle nose pliers.

vanocni dekorace 05

2. Thread the wire (30 cm) through all the loops and then thread both ends of the wire through the cap which will cover the ends of the wires with the loops. String two or three more beads. String 2 crimp beads. Move the first up to the last outer bead and crimp it with the flat nose pliers. Use the second to secure both ends of the wire ca 1 cm from their ends.

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The star chain

String the beads onto the memory wire, create the shape of a star and finish the ends of the wire with loops which you should then join together. Then thread each successive star through the previous star and then connect the individual end loops.

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