Blue from the sky

Blue from the sky

Mixed Rocaille Pendant in Solgel Tones

PRECIOSA ORNELA is the manufacturer of the widest range of glass seed beads in the world. One of the most popular color decorations is Solgel. Create a simple pendant made from four sizes and three shades of sky blue Solgel colors on rocailles applied to crystal glass, alabaster and white chalk.

Designer: Jaroslava Růžičková

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Materials and Tools

PRECIOSA Rocailles
331 19 001; 12/0, 10/0, 8/0, 4/0; a mix of sizes and shades of sky blue Solgel colors; approx. 10 g

0.3 mm jewelry wire; crimping pliers; ruler; 4 cm headpin; cell phone cord; flat-nosed pliers

modre z nebe


Cut 80 cm of fine jewelry wire and string the rocaille mix so that 1 cm of wire remains on both sides (Fig. 1).

modre z nebe 1

Twist the wire ends together approx. three times (Fig. 2).

modre z nebe 2

Wind the rocaille wire you just strung to create a small sphere.  Just before finishing tighten the wire and hide the wire ends in the sphere (Fig. 3).

modre z nebe 3

String 1x the largest rocaille bead from the mix onto the headpin, then the rocaille sphere from STEP 3 and then another 1x of the largest rocaille bead.  Shorten the headpin so that 8 mm remain free and create an eye with your crimping pliers. (Fig. 4).

modre z nebe 4

Attach the eye to the cell phone cord (Fig. 5).

modre z nebe 5

modre z nebe 6modre z nebe 7modre z nebe 8