Bracelet made from PRECIOSA Pip™, Twin™ and Solo™ beads

Try out this combination of several universal and highly popular beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand to create an impressive bracelet. The Twin™ two-hole bead has become a standardly popular bead component in costume jewelry design and the single-hole Solo™ bead always supplements it well. Pip™, which is mainly used for the creation of floral decorations, will also be used in the completion of this bead ornament.

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Materials and tools:


111 01 346; 5 x 7 mm; 98548 (144x)

koberecek Pip


117 01 323; 2.5 x 5 mm; 98548 (270x)

koberecek Twin


117 01 332; 2.5 x 5 mm; 98548 (24x)

koberecek Solo

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R)

331 19 001; 10/0; 18184 (99x)

koberecek rokajl

a 0.20 mm nylon line; a thin needle; scissors; flat nose pliers for flattening the end of the line 

koberecek pomucky


The procedure:

4x P are placed regularly around the bracelet with embroidered between them. A further three T are added to them and together they create a "diamond". Do not sew around the edges of the bracelet. Use the T on the short side and the S on the longer side. Notionally divide the bracelet into 12 columns (the narrower side) and 3 rows (the longer side). Sew it column by column.


Step 1:

The 1st column – Sew half the column; the side with the fastening. Sew the part of the "diamond" in the column consisting of T. Then sew the second half when returning to the beginning. Supplement the side facing the inside of the bracelet and the "diamond" from the rows. Tie off the line and thread it through the outer "diamond" to the 2nd column. 

The 1st column (the first half)

Koberecek krok1a

The 1st column (the second half)

Koberecek krok1b

The transition to the 2nd column

Koberecek krok1c

Step 2:

The 2nd and other columns – sew half the column. This time sew the side facing the inside of the bracelet including the "diamond" from the columns. The stringing will be twisted. Supplement the side towards the fastening. Connect it with the "diamond" from the rows sewn in the previous column. Sew in the missing P and T. The pattern will straighten up.

The 2nd and other columns (the first half)

Koberecek krok2a

The 2nd and other columns (the second half)

Koberecek krok2b

The transition to the next column

Koberecek krok2c 

The last column – Sew this similarly to the previous columns, but do not sew the new "diamond" from the rows, only sew the T between the P. Sew in the line.

The last column (the first half)

Koberecek krok2d

The last column (the second half)

Koberecek krok2e 

Step 3:

Sew three balls. You need 12x T to sew one. They are sewn together from 4 pieces and are interconnected. Sew a band, connect it to a ring, join the top and then the bottom T.

Koberecek krok3

koberecek 3akoberecek 3bkoberecek 3c 

Step 4:

Sewing on the balls - String 2x R. Thread the line through the top hole on the T. Also thread the line through the second hole and return to the first. Further thread the line through the strung 2x R. Additionally string 1x R, a sewn ball and 1x R. Return to the sewn ball and the strung rocaille under the ball. Tie off the line and pull it into the R.

Koberecek krok4

koberecek 4

Step 5:

The circles - String 29x R. Thread the line through the top hole in the T. Thread the line through everything one more time. Thread the line through the second hole in the T and return to the first hole. Tie off the line and pull it into the surrounding R.

Koberecek krok5

koberecek 5

koberecek 8koberecek 6koberecek 7