Carla Ruvolo

An artist

Carla RuvoloMy name is Carla Ruvolo, I’m Italian. As a mother of two, I don’t have too much free time but whenever I can relax beads are my first choice.

My beading addiction began in 1990, when I spent almost 4 months to add thousands and thousands of beads and crystals to my own wedding dress. I fell in love with white genuine Czech crystals while I was in Prague and I couldn’t resist to them, I bought a lot of bags full of sparkling. When I bought my wedding dress I asked for a plain lace one, without paillettes or beads or anything they would have added. I spent whole nights adding and sewing and attaching my own beads and crystals and then I understood that was only the beginning… Since then I learned how to make jewels, I learned several techniques and I must say that I’m still learning.

A few years ago though I discovered the art of French beading flowers, I knew I had to try and I find it’s wonderful to see how a bunch of beads can turn into a lifelike sparkling flower.  I began with easy and little flowers and after a while my challenge was to create more intricate flowers like giant roses or elegant orchids. I made bridal headpieces, wedding favors, table decorations, Christmas decorations, only using wire and beautiful Preciosa Czech Beads.  Now my house is full of beaded flowers in all size and colors, I can’t stop making them, I can’t stop looking for new beads, I have a closet full of glass jars but it seems that I always miss a color. That’s all beader’s dilemma I really love beading,  I can’t resist to try new flowers and new techniques. My dream is to have a chance to go to the Preciosa Bead Shop,  since I have troubles to find all the colors and finish I need for my flower projects.