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All of her relatives have excelled at embroidery, crocheting or weaving with beads and at every other creative technique where hread plays the main role. Her grandmother and great-grandmother were her greatest sources of experience and inspiration.

After studying the applied arts and marketing, she spent twenty years of her working life in advertising agencies. However, the desire to make her own creations was waiting patiently and lying dormant … until 1996. This represented a turning point in her life which turned her life upside down. Luckily, she also came into contact with beads at that time … She began to create her own jewellery; timidly at first, but gradually adding more and more pieces. She surrounded herself with beads, colours, transparency and her world once again began to pulse. At that time, she decided that she would only do the one thing she enjoyed, i.e. making her own jewellery. She attended the jewellery making school at the rue de Louvre in Paris in order to supplement her education. Later,
she also became enchanted by weaving with beads. She is interested in and absolutely adores the option of combining various epochs, places and different cultures in a single piece of jewellery. Her favourite piece of jewellery is her first bracelet which she designed and created at jewellery school. She called it “tattoo”. She loves it for the ease with which it was created, the simplicity
of wearing it and its timeless attraction which does not require any other accessories, but still attracts attention. She designed it and put it together during one day and one night. It was like a fever, a dream or a sudden flash of inspiration.
She has had exhibitions at the Museum of Decorative Art in Paris, worked for Japanese American customers, published books, led courses and created unique conceptual pieces for private individuals. Her creative life has taken off and she has never looked back.