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Magdalena Kracík Štorkánová

Magdalena Kracik Storkanova webMagdalena Kracík Štorkánová creates both monumental mosaics and smaller hung mosaic pictures. She has systematically dedicated herself to the mosaic technique since the time of her studies at the Prague Academy of the Applied Arts. She especially found expert guidance during her international internships in Italy (Accademia di Belle Arti v Carraře 2003 and Scuola mosaicisti del Friuli ve Spilimbergu 2007).

The mosaic technique enables artists to work in a number of areas: artistic work, restoration, theoretical deliberations and publishing and holding workshops and courses for the expert and wider public. Magdalena Kracík Štorkánová is the founder and chairwoman of the Art & Craft MOZAIKA association, whose main goal is to create new mosaics and to document and protect mosaic monuments.
The artist uses and combines natural materials (pebbles and marble tesserae), as well as refined materials such as semiprecious stones, Murano enamel and glass materials from Preciosa Ornela. The extensive range of colours and shapes, in which these glass materials are available, has inspired the artist so much that she has created an exclusive cycle of luminous objects which she has been working on since 2011.
Her work has also incorporated other costume jewellery components made by Preciosa. Her works can be seen at exhibitions and in private collections. Her mosaic called “A Fleeting Touch of Sunlight”, created exclusively from Preciosa Ornela materials, has been chosen by the AIMC jury for the international exhibition of contemporary mosaics which will be held in Vienna in May 2014.