Petr Písařík SPACE MAKER

Petr Písařík SPACE MAKER

Czech Seed Beads at the Exhibition in Galerie Rudolfinum

Visit the exhibition of Petr Písařík’s objects in Galerie Rudolfinum 6 September - 25 November 2018.

Písařík’s paintings and three-dimensional objects emerge from the broken remains of a seemingly complete picture of the world around us. Always the eclectic, Písařík unleashes a current of constant transformations of materials, forms and ideas based in the postmodern thinking of the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s. This ‘fluid reality’, already a part of history, has not yet assumed a more tangible form; on the contrary, the reality of today’s society is even less comprehensible and fathomable. The eye only skims the surface of objects, pauses to take in emblematic structures, irregular yet familiar shapes, it lets itself be blinded by flashes of light.

Petr Písařík opts for an analytical cross section – through material and through situations our reality puts in front of us to conceal its own character. The confrontation with fallacy is palpably felt in Písařík’s favourite subject of fetishization of fashion brands, ornaments referencing Czech modern art and traditional floral inspirations. The author’s objects typically have a changeable, unstable composition; a fragmentary and temporary nature. We see in them a certain sentimental note – a shade of the presence of impending doom; at the same time, they have variability as a symbol of thinking always steadfastly charging onwards. His works do not have a uniform style; maybe that’s why they are an authentic reflection of the nature and pace of modern life.

Petr Písařík uses seed beads and glass from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ and PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™ brands for his artistic creations.

01 petr písařík bez názvu 2018 kombinovaná technika 74x54x30cm courtesy the artist 02 petr písařík pohled do ateliéru na žižkově 2018 03 petr písařík tugendhat i 2018 kombinovaná technika 80x100x28cm courtesy the artist

Petr Písařík was born in Třeboň in 1968. He presently lives and works in Prague. In 1987-1994 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (studios of Stanislav Kolíbal, Milan Knížák and Aleš Veselý). In 1989-1993 he was a member of Pondělí collective (Milena Dopitová, Pavel Humhal, Petr Lysáček, Michal Nesázal, Petr Zubek). He shows in the Czech Republic and abroad. His work could be seen at Galerie Rudolfinum in 2006, as part of the group exhibition Acne – Czech Modern Painting from the Richard Adam Collection.


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Photos: Martin Polák