The Magic Fusion prize for the most daring hat

Magic Fusion odměnou za nejkrásnější klobouk

The noblewoman with the most daring hat received a prize from PRECIOSA ORNELA

Several hundred members of aristocratic houses from all over Europe met in Karlovy Vary at the end of April at the European Aristocracy Horse Racing Meeting.

During the weekend, the local inhabitants and casual tourists had the opportunity to see many noblewomen in elegant robes, luxurious vehicles and novel situations. In addition to horse racing, the nearby race track also hosted the traditional competition for ladies' hats in several categories; the most attractive, most creative, most elegant and most daring hat and the special City of Karlovy Vary prize.

This year, a light blue harbour with a sailboat and a lighthouse placed on the hat of one of the ladies attracted significant attention. Other extravagant hats, for example, included a butterfly garden or an enormous rose. However, there was even a hat complete with sushi and chopsticks.

The winner in the category of the most daring hat was a hat with peepholes. PRECIOSA ORNELA awarded its wearer a Magic Fusion glass bowl from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™ brand. The bowl was made from the LIBA Colors 96 glass which has a uniform thermal expansion coefficient. The prize was presented by Mr Oron Micheal Kalkert, the organiser and host of the event.

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Photo: Jakub Jiskra
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