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The success of students' work in Florence

Úspěch studentských prací ve Florencii

Prague students won with PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ at a fashion show in Florence

Less than a year ago, students from the Upper Secondary School of Fashion Design in Prague visited PRECIOSA ORNELA and took away with them a number of beads and seed beads for their work.

At that time, they had no idea of the success we would achieve together. Two students took two podium places at a competitive fashion show in Florence. The show was held in honour of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Czech Republic, or Czechoslovakia.

First place went to a blue jacket with red PRECIOSA rocailles and PRECIOSA bugles sewn onto the sleeves. The designer of the winning model is the student Tatiana Piussi, who will participate in the Costume Colloquium - Textiles In Fashion competitive fashion show in Florence in November. Third place went to a red dress by a student named Yanina Hrafiankova, where the hand-painted design is partially sewn with blue PRECIOSA rocailles.

Both models will be exhibited at this event and will also be displayed at a fashion show at the Meetfactory in Prague 5 on 12th April 2018.

modrý kabátek s pošitými rukávy img 8443 3.místo šaty výšivka img 8409

The winning jacket with sleeves sewn with PRECIOSA rocailles was designed by Tatiana Piussi

3rd place went to the embroidery using blue PRECIOSA rocailles on a red dress

1.místo kabát rukávy dsc 5822 červené šaty yanina hrafiankova