We help students to realise their ideas

Kateřina Jurásková

The glass costume jewellery components from the PRECIOSA brand enable students to give form to their fantasy

The Costume Jewellery and Fashion Accessory Design Department at the Applied Arts Secondary School and the Specialist Upper Secondary School in Jablonec n. N. is traditionally associated with the concept of glass costume jewellery. As such, PRECIOSA, in particular PRECIOSA CRYSTAL COMPONENTS and PRECIOSA ORNELA, is a key partner of this school in Jablonec.

The seminar work and especially the graduate work constitutes the annual culmination of the efforts of the school's students and their expert teachers' design and workshop practice.

eliška koutníková maturita 2017 tisk 1 hana prechtlová maturita 2017 tisk 2 kopie
The graduation work by Eliška Koutníková is a glass object - a presentation stick in the form of a flower entitled "The Power of Nature". Hana Prechtlová produced a "book" entitled the"PRECIOSA Codex", with the sub-title "An Imaginative Book", which is a kind of sample book of the materials produced by PRECIOSA.
klára böhmová maturity 2017 tisk pohled do kaleidoskopu maturita 2
Klára Böhmová conceived her graduation work as a notional textile crown worn on the head partially inspired by the theme of the Russian Tsar's crown, where she achieved a new and modern visual effect by means of the combination of material and sewing techniques.

Nikol Hillová worked with the theme of a kaleidoscope in three material  versions; duralumin, bamboo and textiles. She used PRECIOSA CRYSTAL COMPONENTS on all the materials.

Tomáš Plesl speaks of the relatively close connection to the industry as "an obligation to produce the best possible results which do not, however, limit us in the sense of free artistic creation. The outputs are therefore colourful with an emphasis on the workmanship in the whole and in the details.“ "The material base for the CJFAD Department is gradually expanding mainly thanks to Preciosa and its commitment to our common projects in the future, " added Plesl.