Art is blossoming in Canadian Ottawa with beads and seed beads from PRECIOSA ORNELA

What can be made from a package of PRECIOSA Twin™ beads and seed beads

The wonderful products which have been created under the wing of the Ottawa Bead Society also include this patchwork made with PRECIOSA Twin™two-hole beads and seed beads which you can see here in the picture.

otawa bs twin patchwork celyotawa bs twin patchwork text

The society describes itself as a group of enthusiasts who meet once a month and share their common passion for beads, seed beads and all types of "beadworking".

"In 2016, we contacted PRECIOSA ORNELA with the hope of acquiring an advantageous offer of beads and seed beads so that we could use them to teach our members new techniques,“ said the representative of the Ottawa Bead Society when describing how the society began its relationship with PRECIOSA ORNELA. "Imagine how thrilled we were, when we received a generous package of PRECIOSA Twin™ two-hole beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand!“ And the patchwork quilt in the picture has been created using the aforementioned support. The members of the society have also dedicated a new website mapping out the entire process of its demanding production to this patchwork. A total of 23 enthusiasts worked on it for about a year. The patchwork is sewn together from 37 parts and it measures almost 1 x 1. 2 metres.

Patchwork with PRECIOSA Twin™; the product and its creation are presented at the specially established website: