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The first season at Kristiánov commences after reconstruction

Sklářská osada Kristiánov je znovu otevřená

When out on your bicycle, you can go and take a look at the newly installed glass exhibition and even have a beer at the same time 

The only preserved building (known as the "Fox Hut") in the formerly significant glass-making settlement of Kristiánov is once again open to the public after a year of reconstruction work. It has become a trip destination which provides both cultural experiences and refreshments.

The picturesque timbered hut with its new shingle roof is open every day from mid-June to mid-Septemberkristianov objekt

kristianov perlicky2

You are allowed to touch the the displayed beads and stones and you can even "rummage" amongst the seed beads.

You can try stringing beads on a pedal-powered stringing machine or lugging the weight of a glass rod from a furnace on the installed simulator. You can also peruse individual colour designs on displayed pieces of lampworking glass along the way. The displayed exhibits were provided by PRECIOSA ORNELA, a.s.
kristianov navlekkristianov tyce trenazerkristianov tyce platkyYou can try your hand at stringing seed beads or the hard work required to pull a glass rod from a furnace

For the first time, you will also be able to enter the attic area. This will especially be of interest to children. It houses a children's rest area with a model of the settlement made from wooden blocks. The blocks also provide children with clues to help them look for the treasure of the mythical wizard among the remains of the other former buildings in the settlement.

kristianov model deti Children search for clues to find the treasure

The original exhibition has been significantly changed thanks to the designs of the main curator at the Museum of Glass and Costume Jewellery, Petr Nový, and the authors of the project, Roman Kvita and Adam Šimeček. The three-dimensional model of the settlement has remained the exhibition's main exhibit after the completion of the renovations. Visitors will learn about the most interesting moments from the settlement's history and its inhabitants on the accompanying information panels.

kristianov model3dThe interactive model of the Kristiánov glass-making settlement. Only the so-called Fox Hut (Liščí bouda) has been preserved.

The heritage protected "Fox Hut" has been administered by the Museum since 1963. It dates from the second half of the 18th century and it has finally undergone general repairs after several smaller repairs were undertaken in the previous century. The renovation project was authored by the Jablonec company, Ateliér 4, while the project was realised by the GEMA ART Praha building company which specialises in the renewal of heritage buildings.

"The overall costs for the reconstruction work, including the new exhibitions and equipment, reached a total of almost 12 million crowns and were financed in full from a subsidy from the Ministry of Culture, which is the Museum's promoter“, stated the Museum's director, Milada Valečková.

The Museum has also opened a new Jizera Mountains Glass-Makers' Educational Trail which includes a competition for participants. The  19 km long trail from Kristiánov to the Museum's main building in Jablonec nad Nisou includes 11 stations which provide information about the rich local glass-making tradition. The trail was established with the financial assistance of Georg J. Riedel, a descendant of the former owners of the glassworks.


kristianov paskaThe official opening of the reconstructed Fox Hut took place with the traditional cutting of the ribbon

kristianov divadloA theatrical production, music and games: this is how the Night at the Museum looked at Kristiánov on the day after the official opening

Source: The Museum of Glass and Costume Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou