"Made in Jablonec 2015” fashion show

PRECIOSA ORNELA, a.s., Newsletter 27, January 2015,Made in Jablonec 2015  fashion show

The prestigious “Made in Jablonec” fashion show has become a mainstay of the beginning of each year. Around fifty original pieces from 15 clothing and 19 costume jewellery companies in the region were presented at the Jablonec Eurocentrum in the north of the Czech Republic on Thursday 15th January 2015.

Every new year constitutes a challenge for the participants to be better than last year. The “Made in Jablonec 2015” had the subheading “We decorate the world”. The pieces were divided into three themes designated according to the cities which are considered to be Meccas of world fashion: Paris, New York and Moscow. PRECIOSA ORNELA presented the New York Collection, which consists of three pieces, in cooperation with PRECIOSA BEAUTY.
PRECIOSA ORNELA took its inspiration from the American series “Sex in the City”, in which the action takes place in New York and the main themes are women and fashion. The designer, Ivana Brabcová, got the main idea for the creation and realisation of the pieces from Styl-Iva Ateliér Krejčovství salon
The costume jewellery accessories to go with the individual pieces in this collection were created by Helena Chmelíková.

PRECIOSA BEAUTY found inspiration in the Chrysler Building skyscraper which is located in Manhattan and is one of the best known symbols of the city, especially thanks to its characteristic point which was also incorporated into Preciosa Beauty’s piece. The backlit skirt was also a unique attraction. The designers of the accessories for PRECIOSA BEAUTY were Jitka Ryšavá and Marta Růžičková.   PRECIOSA ORNELA and PRECIOSA BEAUTY worked on the third piece together. It was called “Ellis Island” according to the island at the mouth of the Hudson River near New York in the USA. Ellis Island functioned as an immigration station for immigrants to the USA from 1st January 1892 to 12th November 1954. The style of dress from that period was the inspiration for this model.   Petra Lejsková from PRECIOSA ORNELA designed the textile pieces for the theme which was designated for another world fashion centre; Moscow. The costume jewellery accessories for the pieces from this second collection by PRECIOSA ORNELA were created by students from the Applied Arts Secondary School and the Specialist Upper Secondary School in Jablonec nad Nisou, Hanka Klaciková, Tereza Koutníková and Nikol Mužinicová.

Preciosa, a.s., which was once again the majority sponsor in the event, was presented the pieces by Preciosa Beauty and Preciosa Ornely.