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My Czech Seed Beads 2018

Seed beads wherever you look!

Do you love seed beads so much that you have them wherever you look? We at PRECIOSA ORNELA do and we even have so many of them that we will be happy to share them with you! If you are just as enthusiastic about Czech seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand as we are, we have a tip for you on how to get even more of them.

This year, we are presenting selected seed beads, including new products for 2018. You can look forward to PRECIOSA bugles, PRECIOSA drops, PRECIOSA two-cut and three-cut beads, PRECIOSA triangles and two new products which we will keep as a surprise!

Here is the information on how you can increase your supply of seed beads.

During 6 months in 2018, we will present specific seed beads which you should include in the products which you make. If you don't happen to have the given type of bead, it doesn't matter. Just like last year, PRECIOSA ORNELA will once again select some followers from our Facebook site at and send them free samples of the seed beads. However, absolutely anybody can send us their designs, including those who didn't receive any free samples. Send photographs of your designs to Facebook (or using the form) by the end of each announced month. You can combine the seed beads with other types of beads and seed beads. Moreover, those of you who match your products with the current PRECIOSA ORNELA trends and or who include the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ logo in the photo will receive extra points. We will also always offer a theme to give you inspiration.

PRECIOSA ORNELA will then select several winners from the sent designs and send them a package full of Czech seed beads! We will look forward to seeing you at Facebook on

  1. March 2018, PRECIOSA Bugles, SPRING/SUMMER 2018 TRENDS (Spring, nature awakes from its winter slumber)
  2. April 2018, PRECIOSA Drops, SPRING/SUMMER 2018 TRENDS (Easter and everything associated with it)
  3. June 2018, NEW SEED BEADS, SPRING/SUMMER 2018 TRENDS (Summer, the hot sun, the sparkling sea...)
  4. August 2018, PRECIOSA Two-cut beads, PRECIOSA three-cut beads, SPRING/SUMMER 2018 TRENDS (A wedding, a day celebrating love)
  5. October 2018, PRECIOSA Triangles, AUTUMN/WINTER 2018/2019 TRENDS (Autumn, the leaves are playing with all the colours)
  6. December 2018, NEW SEED BEADS, AUTUMN/WINTER 2018/2019 TRENDS (Zima, Vánoce, období nejkrásnějších svátků v roce)

The decision on the selection of the winning entries falls fully within the discretion of the Marketing Department at PRECIOSA ORNELA, a.s. which at the same time also reserves the right not to publish the way it has reached its decision selecting the individual winning entries in the given period.
The gifts will be sent in a package by registered post lodged with the Czech Post Office. PRECIOSA ORNELA, a.s. will pay for the contents of the package and the postage, while the Czech Post office will be responsible for delivering it correctly.

My Czech Seed Beads 2018 Contest Terms

  1. Create a product with glass beads and seed beads with the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand.
  2. Photograph the product, insert logo of the used materials from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand (ATTENTION! THE NEW LOGO is available in grey or black variant) and place the hi-resolution photo on your own communication channel Facebook or in the filled registered form below. If you fill the form, you will also receive information about all PREICOSA ORNELA news.
  3. Make sure that you insert a link to the manufacturer of Czech beads and seed beads:,

Logo in grey (PNG format)
Preciosa Symbol H Beads Gray
Logo in black (PNG format)
Preciosa Symbol H Beads Black

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