Polished umbel

Polished umbel

Necklace made with linked stalks of PRECIOSA Hill™ beads

Are you lacking an original necklace for cocktails? Try making one using this simple tutorial from PRECIOSA ORNELA. The linking technique is not difficult. The cut and fire-polished PRECIOSA Hill™ half-ball gives a necklace shine and witty originality.

In order to make this linked necklace, you will need metal parts and the new cut and fire polished PRECIOSA Hill™ half-ball with a diameter of 6 and 8 mm. The protuberant section of this bead is decorated with a multiple cut. The wide range of surface finishes can further enhance the effects of the cut surfaces. So be inspired by the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech BeadsTM range and create your own original accessory.

Designer: Helena Chmelíková

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Materials and tools:

the white variant

151 19 001; 8 mm; 03000/21402; 3x (H8)

vybrouseny okolik hill 8mm

151 19 001; 6 mm; 03000; 20x (H6)

vybrouseny okolik hill 6mm bila

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R10)
331 19 001; 10/0; 46102; about 300x

vybrouseny okolik 46102 bila

black variant

151 19 001; 8 mm; 23980; 3x (H8)

vybrouseny okolik hill 8mm cerna

151 19 001; 6 mm; 23980; 20x (H6)

vybrouseny okolik hill 6mm cerna

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R11)
311 19 001; 11/0; 23980; about 350x

vybrouseny okolik 23980 cerna

white variant – silver; 30 mm eye pins; 8 mm and 4 mm rings; a thin chain (an 8 mm ring must be able to fit into the outer links); a carabiner; a counter-ring

vybrouseny okolik svetla varianta

the black variant – old brass; 30 mm eye pins; 8 mm rings; a thin chain (an 8 mm ring must be able to fit into the outer links); a 1 cm wide ribbon at a length of 1.5 m

vybrouseny okolik cerna varianta

– needle nose pliers or pliers with a round point and snipping pliers; flat nose pliers; a ruler

vybrouseny okolik pomucka

The procedure:

Step 1:
Link the stalks. String 1x H and R10 or R11 on an eye pin (R10 - 11 to 12x and R11 – 13 to 14x). There should be about 8 mm of free wire at the end of the eye pin (fig. no. 1).Twist it into a loop. Grasp the edge of the wire between the rounded points of the pliers, near the pointed end. Twist it with the pliers; the wire will also twist around the point. Close the loop. Your loop will probably be off-centre (fig. no. 2). Leave the end of point of the pliers in the loop and gently use the pliers to re-centre the loop above the rocailles (fig. nos. 3, 3a).

fig. no. 1

vybrouseny okolik 1

fig. no. 2

vybrouseny okolik 2

fig. no. 3

vybrouseny okolik 3

fig. no. 3a

vybrouseny okolik 3a

Step 2:

In this way, link three stalks with H8 and 20x stalks with H6 (fig. nos. 4, 4a).

fig. no. 4

vybrouseny okolik 4

fig. no. 4a

vybrouseny okolik 4a

Step 3:
Cut off 4x pieces of chain at a length of about 2 cm. They should always have an odd number of links. It does not matter if they are a few millimetres longer or shorter than each other (fig. no. 5).

vybrouseny okolik 5

Step 4:
Use the flat nose pliers to open an 8 mm ring. String 2 pieces of chain, 2x stalks with H6, 1x with H8 and 2x with H6 onto the ring. Close the ring. Use this pendant as the central piece (fig. nos. 6, 6a). String a chain from the central pendant, 1 new piece of chain and the same number of stalks in the next two pendants (on the left and right of the central piece). Once again, use the chain from the previous pendant in the outer pendants. Only add 4x stalks with H6 (fig. no. 7).

fig. no. 6

vybrouseny okolik 6

fig. no. 6a

vybrouseny okolik 6a

fig. no. 7

vybrouseny okolik 7

Step 5:
Finishing up. If you want use a chain, snip of 2x 13 cm pieces of chain. Open the ring in the outer pendant and add a chain (fig. no. 8). Attach a carabiner and a counter-ring on the other end of the chain using the 4 mm rings (fig. no. 9). The necklace in the white variant is 38.5 cm long. You can adjust the length as necessary.

fig. no. 8

vybrouseny okolik 8

fig. no. 9

vybrouseny okolik 9

vybrouseny okolik 10a

Step 6:
If you want to use the ribbon, cut off 2x 80 cm pieces of ribbon. Thread them through the rings in the outer pendants. Fold them in half (fig. no. 10). Tie a knot after the rings (fig. no. 11). You can melt the ends of the ribbon using an electric hotplate. Simply tie the ribbons behind your neck with a double bow.

fig. no. 10
vybrouseny okolik 10
fig. no. 11
vybrouseny okolik 11

vybrouseny okolik 12

vybrouseny okolik 01vybrouseny okolik 02