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Sunny days

Crocheted bracelet made of Solgel rocailles

PRECIOSA ORNELA offers the widest range of shapes, sizes and color variants under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand. This time, we have selected seed beads produced in the new Solgel colors.

Create a delicate bracelet with a trendy polka dot pattern in combination with classic crocheted loops.

Designer: Aleksandra Lysenko

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Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R10)
331 19 001; 10/0; 02664 yellow
331 19 001; 10/0; 78664 yellow with a silver lining
331 19 001; 10/0; 02654 green
331 19 001; 10/0; 78654 green with a silver lining
331 19 001; 10/0; 02682 dark green
331 19 001; 10/0; 78682 dark green with a silver lining
crocheting yarn, a Big Eye needle or a stringing needle with a loop made from a fine line, a 1 mm hook, scissors, metal fastenings

The procedure:

Step 1:
First string the beads onto the crocheting yarn in the following order: 1x B - 1x A - 1x B - 1x A - 1x B - 1x A - 6x A

fig. no. 1

1 x

Step 2:
Create the basic loop. Keep it quite large, as you will later use it to join the seed beads into a circle (fig. no. 2a). Count off 6 seed beads (fig. no. 2b) and crochet a chain with the seed beads. Move one seed bead as close as possible to the hook and then catch the yarn behind it and crochet the first loop with a seed bead (fig. no. 2c). Repeat the procedure five more times and in doing so create 6 such chain loops with 6 seed beads (fig. no. 2d).

fig. no. 2a


fig. no. 2b


fig. no. 2c


fig. no. 2d


Step 3:
Now, thread the hook through the first basic loop and thread the yarn through both loops at once (fig. no. 3a).
Then poke the hook into the loop to the left of the first seed bead, twist the seed bead downwards and to the right and shift it as near as possible to the next seed bead. Use the hook to catch the yarn and crochet a firm loop (thread the yarn through both loops at once), fig. no. 3b.

fig. no. 3a


fig. no. 3b


Add seed beads to the second row (fig. no. 3c) and then crochet loops with the seed beads round and round in a spiral. If all the seed beads in all the rows have their holes oriented in the direction of the crocheting (facing upwards), you have done this correctly.

fig. no. 3c


Step 4:
Once you have used up all the beads, crochet the last row without any beads and cut off the yarn; leave about 15 cm at the end. Crochet two more tubes in the same way (fig. no. 4a). Hide the remainder of the yarn inside the tube. Conceal the ends of the tubes in a cap using an eye pin (sew the eye pin to the end of the tube using the remaining yarn): fig. no. 4b. Attach all the tubes to a frame. Then attach any type of costume jewelry fastening and the bracelet is finished (fig. nos. 4c, 4d and 4e).

fig. no. 4a


fig. no. 4b


fig. no. 4c


fig. no. 4d


fig. no. 4e

4e x