Dancing Cubes - SIGNAL festival

Dancing Cubes - SIGNAL festival

Dancing cubes at the 2015 Signal Festival

Lit glass cubes will set the National Theatre's piazzetta at the 2015 Signal Festival on 15th - 18th October. The creation of the "DANCING CUBES" installation for the 3rd year of the Signal Festival has followed on from other work by the studio VACEK & SMID undertaken for PRECIOSA ORNELA. The glass light silhouettes of the moving cubes have been created from glass pressing rods from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass brand.

The interactive Dancing Cubes installation has not been located in the National Theatre's piazzetta by chance. Surrounded by theatres on all sides, it invites visitors to a performance where they will not only be spectators, but also direct participants. Professional dancers and dance inspired spectators and passers-by start the large-scale glass cubes dancing using music and light. The cubes consist of pulled glass rods made at Preciosa Ornela in Desná in a quality and variety of colours  which knows no equal in the world. The resulting glass profiles created by melting the rods into moulds achieve a remarkable length of almost two and a half metres which are lit by a software programme. As well as light and shadow, the installation also works with energy, rhythm, visual relationships with the façade of the National theatre's New Stage and mainly with a metaphor of a play, no matter whether a theatrical play or dice play.

icon youtube playDancing Cubes - the atmosphere :)

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The program of the 2015 Signal Festival

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Jan Vacek and Martin Smid are the founders of their own studio in Prague. They are known for their poetic yet at the same time very pragmatic approach to design, focused on function and ability to utilize production technologies. They continuously collaborate with PRECIOSA on the new architectural product development . They are the winners of the Red Dot design award 2013 in Product Design category.

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