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Earrings with PRECIOSA Twin™, Solo™, Chilli™ and Pip™

The new project connects variability and combinability of beads and seed beads with PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand.

According to these instructions, you can make jewelry, which dazzle on various occasions. The shapes of beads PRECIOSA Chilli ™ and Pip perfectly complement PRECIOSA Twin ™ or PRECIOSA Solo™ and rocailles. Together they form a perfectly symmetrical whole. Get inspired by the range of colors and surface finishes and tune your accessories to perfection. You can also create another rosette in addition, hang it on a chain and add to earrings also the necklace.

icon pdf downloadYou can download whole project here

Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R9)

331 19 001; 9/0; 17070 (8 pcs)

rucola rokajl 9

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R13)

331 19 001; 13/0; 17070 (16 pcs)

rucola rokajl 13


117 01 323; 2.5 x 5 mm; 02020/21402 (8 pcs)



117 01 332; 2.5 x 5 mm; 02020/21402 (8 pcs)

rucola Twin

PRECIOSA Chilli™ (Ch)

111 01 357; 4 x 11 mm; 02010/65426 (16 pcs)

rucola Chilli


111 01 346; 5 x 7 mm; 02020/21402 (8 pcs)

rucola Pip

 2x earrings; Fireline 0,12 mm; needle; scissors 


Step 1:

Cut off approx. 30 cm of Fireline and threat into needle. Pick up 1x Ch through the first hole from the outside, 1x R9 and 1x Ch through the first hole from inside four times.

rucola krok1 en


Step 2:

Close to a circle while pass in through the first group of beads, leaving 8 cm hanging. Tighten thread. Pass thread way once more. Pass through the next Ch.

rucola krok2 

Step 3:

Pass through the second hole oh the Ch. *Pick up 1x T and pass through the second hole of the next Ch. Pick up 1x R13, 1x P, 1x R13 and pass through the second hole of the next Ch.* 

Repeat from * to * until the round is finished.

rucola krok3

rucola krok3b

Step 4:

Pass through the second hole of the T, pick up 2x R13, 1x earring and 2x R13 and pass through the second hole of the T. To stabilize the connection repeat thread way several times. Sew up thread and cut off.

rucola krok4

rucola krok4arucola krok4b

rucola 2rucola 1

rucola 3