Milk and cinnamon

Milk and cinnamon

Necklace made with the two-hole PRECIOSA Candy™ cabochon

Introducing the new PRECIOSA Candy™ pressed bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand.

The shallow rounding in the lower section simplifies the process of sewing around the bead, linking the beads together or joining them with seed beads and other selected beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand. Choose a suitable surface finish and try sewing round this new bead with PRECIOSA rocailles and create a cute necklace which is sure to become a favourite accessory.

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Materials and tools:


111 01 363; 8 mm; 02010/28701 AB; 3x

mleko skorice bila

111 01 363; 8 mm; 02010/29121 Apricot Medium; 3x

mleko skorice skorice

111 01 363; 8 mm; 00030/29121 Apricot Medium; 3x

mleko skorice cira skorice

PRECIOSA Pressed Beads (PB)
111 44 003; 10 mm; 03000; 56x

mleko skorice mackana perle

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R10, R8)

311 19 001; 10/0; 03050 white; a 50 g bag

mleko skorice rokajl 10 0 03050 bila

311 19 001; 8/0; 03050 white; 165x

mleko skorice rokajl 8 0

331 19 001; 8/0; 97030 orange; 60x

mleko skorice rokajl 8 0 97030 oranzova

- copper: 8 mm and 6 mm rings; small ovals; counter-rings; a thicker and a thinner chain; a carabiner

mleko skorice material

- a 0.20 mm Nylon line; a thin needle; scissors; a 1 mm waxed cord; flat nose pliers (for flattening the end of the line, closing the rings); snipping pliers

mleko skorice material 2

The procedure:

The pendants

Three types of pendants are used on the necklace. They always come in threes: 1) with the cinnamon cabochon on a white base and white R10 and R8, 2) with the transparent cinnamon cabochon and white R10 and R8 and 3) with a white cabochon and white R10 and orange R8.

mleko skorice privesek

Step 1:
Sew the rocailles into a circle. String 20x R10. Use the right angle stitch. Create "squares" out of 4  beads. Sew a band of nine "squares". Connect the beginning and end of the band. Create the tenth "square".

mleko skorice nakres 1a enmleko skorice nakres 1b

mleko skorice krok1

Step 2:
The band forms the hem for the cabochon. Now divide the band into the upper, central and lower sections. Thread the line through the central rocaille. Thread it through one of the holes in the C. Turn the oblate section of the cabochon towards the upper section of the band. Thread the line through 3 of the "squares" on the opposite side. Thread the line back through the second hole in the C.
Thread the line through the rocailles on the band. Head back towards the lower section of the band.

mleko skorice nakres 2amleko skorice nakres 2bmleko skorice nakres 2c

mleko skorice krok2amleko skorice krok2b

Step 3:
Use the peyote stitch to sew on the rocailles. Sew on 1x R10 into the gaps between the rocailles on the lower section of the band.

mleko skorice nakres 3

mleko skorice krok3amleko skorice krok3b

Step 4:
Sew 1x (white or orange) R8 between the rocailles in this row.

mleko skorice nakres 4

mleko skorice krok4amleko skorice krok4b

Step 5:
Now, alternately sew on 2x R8 and 1x R8 between the rocailles. Sew on 2x orange R8 and 1x white R8 on the pendants with the white C.

mleko skorice nakres 5

mleko skorice krok5mleko skorice krok5a

Step 6:
Now sew 1x R10 between the R8. Sew in the end of the line.

mleko skorice nakres 6

mleko skorice krok6amleko skorice krok6c

Step 7:

Hang the pendants on rings and ovals. Thread the 8 mm ring through the hole between the rocailles. Hang four pendants on three rings. Hang five pendants on two rings. Connect the rings with the ovals.

mleko skorice krok7bmleko skorice krok7a

The stringing
String 5x PB, a shorter pendant, 5x PB, a longer pendant, 7x PB, a shorter pendant, 5x PB, a longer pendant and 6x PB on the waxed cord. Hang a longer pendant in the middle. String the second part in the opposite order. String one counter-ring on both ends of the cord. Thread both ends through the rings, glass and metal, again. Arrange the stringing. Tie the ends approximately in the middle of the stringing. Hide them in the rings and cut them off.

mleko skorice navlek 2mleko skorice navlek 2amleko skorice navlek 3xmleko skorice navlek 2bx

Cut two 11 cm lengths from the thinner and thicker chains. Then cut a further 7 cm length from the thicker chain. Use an oval to connect the longer pieces of chain to the counter-rings. Connect a carabiner on the right-hand side of the necklace using a 6 mm ring. Connect the 7 cm length of chain to the left-hand side. Hang a glass ring on its end.

mleko skorice dokonceni 1mleko skorice dokonceni 3xmleko skorice dokonceni 2x

mleko skorice dokonceni 4xmleko skorice 4mleko skorice 1mleko skorice 3

mleko skorice 2