Bracelet with a zip

Bracelet with a zip

Bracelet made of PRECIOSA Tee™ and PRECIOSA Rocailles

PRECIOSA ORNELA offers the widest range of shapes, sizes and color variants under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand.

Try the new PRECIOSA Tee™ pressed bead. Thanks to the versatile technique of crocheting with a so-called fixed loop, you can create a simple, but modern looking bracelet with a glass "zip" made of rocailles and this practical flat bead.

Designer: Aleksandra Lysenko

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Materials and tools

111 01 364; 2 x 8 mm; 48x 

naramek se zipem tee

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R6)
331 19 001; 6/0; 20 g 

naramek se zipem rokajl 6 0

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R8)
331 19 001; 8/0; 30 

naramek se zipem rokajl 8 0

crocheting yarn; a Big Eye needle or a stringing needle with an eye from a fine line; a hook no 1.25; scissors; metal parts kovodily

naramek se zipem pomucky

The procedure:

Step 1
First string the beads in the following order onto the crocheting yarn (only string the R8 at the beginning and end of the stringing), fig. no. 1.
15x R8 – 5x R6 – 1x T – 4x R6 –  1x T - ... – 5x R6 – 1x T – 4x R6 – 1x T – 5x R6 – 15x R8.

fig. no. 1

naramek se zipem obr1

Step 2
Create the basic loop. Leave it relatively large, as you will use it later to connect the seed beads in a circle (fig. no. 2a). Count off 5 seed beads (fig. no. 2b) and crochet a chain with the seed beads. Move one seed bead as near as possible to the hook and then catch the yarn behind it and crochet the first loop with the seed beads (fig. no. 2c). Repeat the procedure four more times and create 5 chain loops with 5 seed beads (fig. no. 2d).

fig. no. 2a

naramek se zipem obr2a

fig. no. 2b

naramek se zipem obr2b

fig. no. 2c

naramek se zipem obr2c

fig. no. 2d

naramek se zipem obr2d

Step 3
Further thread the hook through the first basic loop and pull the yarn through both loops at once (fig. no. 3a).
Then insert the hook into the loop to the left of the first seed beads, twist the seed bead to the bottom and to the right, move it as close as possible to the next seed bead, catch the yarn with the hook and crochet a fixed loop (pull the yarn through both loops at once), fig. no. 3b.

fig. no. 3a

naramek se zipem obr3a

fig. no. 3b

naramek se zipem obr3b

Step 4
Add seed beads to the second row (fig. no. 4a) and then crochet a fixed loop with the seed beads in a spiral. When the row reaches the T, make sure that the first T lies with its narrow section to the right (fig. no. 4b) and the second T lies with its narrow section to the left (fig. no. 4c) etc. Alternate the direction of the T so that you achieve the "zip" (fig. no. 4d). If you have all of the beads twisted so that their holes are in the direction of the crocheting in all the rows (upwards), you have proceeded correctly.

fig. no. 4a

naramek se zipem obr4a

fig. no. 4b

naramek se zipem obr4b

fig. no. 4c

naramek se zipem obr4cx

fig. no. 4d

naramek se zipem obr4d

Step 5
As soon as you have used up all the beads and seed beads, crochet the last row without them (fig. no. 5a). Hide the remnants of the yarn inside the tube. Hide the ends of the tube in caps using eye pins and add any type of costume jewelry fastening (fig. no. 5b).

fig. no. 5a

naramek se zipem obr5a

fig. no. 5b

naramek se zipem obr5b

naramek se zipem obr6naramek se zipem obr7naramek se zipem obr8naramek se zipem obr9