We walked in through the open doors of PRECIOSA ORNELA in Desná


And it was worth it!

We warmed ourselves by the furnaces, ran our fingers through barrels of beads, admired the glass makers at their work and felt the pride of the glassmaking craft.
On Saturday 17th June, the Desná and Polubný glassworks not only filled up with lovers of glass and tourists, but also with employees from the entire PRECIOSA Group with their families and friends. After all, the production areas are not usually freely accessible to everybody who works at PRECIOSA.

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The first season at Kristiánov commences after reconstruction

Sklářská osada Kristiánov je znovu otevřená

When out on your bicycle, you can go and take a look at the newly installed glass exhibition and even have a beer at the same time 

The only preserved building (known as the "Fox Hut") in the formerly significant glass-making settlement of Kristiánov is once again open to the public after a year of reconstruction work. It has become a trip destination which provides both cultural experiences and refreshments.

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Are seed beads a recipe for vitality?

Are seed beads a recipe for vitality?

Perhaps they are, as yet a second bead worker in the Vysocko has recently celebrated a significant birthday

Mrs Jaroslava Marková celebrated her ninetieth birthday and her colleagues from PRECIOSA ORNELA came to congratulate her.

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Celebrate the 170th anniversary of the commencement of glass production in Desná with us

Come to our Open Day from 8 am to 1 pm on Saturday 17th June and experience the unique atmosphere of the glassworks at the PRECIOSA ORNELA facility.

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